Australian greyhound dog

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2537 Australian greyhound dog Australian greyhound – a tall strong dog with rounded edges and a deep chest, which resembles a very large and powerful English greyhound , weight is 36 kg.

The head is narrow and long, thin ears, tight back along the neck. The limbs are strong and slender. Height 68-76 cm Color anyone with a predominance of white, solid black occurs. The coat is short, coarse.

Kangaroo hound was bred by crossing greyhounds with Deerhound for hunting kangaroos . Footed marsupials, causing serious damage to crops, now protected by law in Australia. Kangaroo jump in developing an incredible speed, and when pursuing powerful hounds catching them, jump into the water and escape by swimming. His back to a tree and fighting powerful legs and a tail, kangaroo is a dangerous enemy were killed. For hunting kangaroos need a very fast, resourceful and strong dogs.

The breed is not recognized.

Australian greyhound although it remained in Australia, but rarely found today, just for a remote ranch where it is used for hunting medium-sized game. Keep a kangaroo dog as a companion is not recommended, it is ruthless and dangerous in his hunting passion.

Source: E. de Ppisko, John B. Johnson. “Small dog breeds atlas”

australian greyhound dog

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