Everything You Need To Know About Cat Licking – The Ultimate Guide

Everything You Need To Know About Cat Licking
Written by Mehwish Imtiaz

Licking is a natural habit of cats; they like to groom their owners, fellow pets, siblings, and kittens. If they are doing it as a regular act as it would not turn out to be something creepy for the owner, it is fine. Like your cat, it starts hurting you or causing harm by frequently licking or biting you, take action to stop it.

It is perfectly normal for the cat to lick your hair. Whether you find it sweet or annoying, cats like to groom their owner with their tongue. Should we take it lightly? Or where to worry about this habit of your pet. 

Here to discuss a few reasons for a cat to lick the hair of humans and decide where to worry about this. 

Showing Affection

Cats share an intense emotional bonding with entire family members. Licking hair is a gesture of love from your pet. It is the expression of gratitude that reflects the cat`s feelings for you. It shows that the pet is happy and feel great love for you as a valuable family member. 

Hair products

licking is the sign of bonding for the cat; however, we can’t ignore the possibility of cat attraction towards the ingredients of hair products. The Perfume of particular shampoo or hair the food might be attractive for your kitty. The cat might like to feel the taste of these ingredients in your hair.

It means your cat is in ingesting strong chemicals of products into her stomach. It could be dangerous for their health. These products are five concentration of compounds that can do toxin for animals to lick.

How To Control This Habit

Sometimes you may feel this grooming annoying for yourself, and then you have to take some action to stop your cat from doing this. You probably feel concerned about your pet`s health about licking the Chemicals of your hair products.

 When the cat starts licking, you can divert the attention towards something else. You can change your place to stop him from coming above your head. When you regularly stop him from doing this,  it will decrease their attention towards your hair. Another useful tip is to use lemon flavor products in your hair,  and the cats usually don’t like the sour smell of citrus.

Why Does My Cat Bite Me And Then Lick Me

Way Of Kissing

If you own a cat, sometimes you feel strange about the behavior of your cat. The cat will give you a bite and then start liking afterwords. It is very typical behavior among cats as it is a sign of affection from them. It is a way of kissing from them, and biting doesn’t mean aggression here. Simply you can say that your cat wants to tell you ‘I love you’ in their style. You need to stay alert that these cases can sometimes be more than a bite or pinch that can hurt you.

How To Stop The Cat From Biting

Don`t need to get angry at the poor animal for his expression of love, as your friends try to give a love crunch its time to say NO to him. Try not to be aggressive; instead, be firm in your behavior to realize your cat about your pain. It will take some time for him to understand that love is not always expressed by causing pain to your owner. 

They do this out of instinct to bite another fellow beings while cats have a thick fur layer that biting doesn`t cause pain much pain for them. You have to train your cat to avoid biting you, and it requires some efforts with patience to control his habits.

Know The Mood Swings Of Your Cat

Cats mostly get overwhelmed with excitement, so not able to control their excitement. They can show signs like purring, rubbing, and a stiff tail telling you to be prepared for a love bite.

Observe her tail to know about her next move as tail works an antenna to show mood swings of a cat. A quivering tail in excitement indicates that avoid getting closer as you may end up by biting by a cat in a wave of emotions. Cats can`t control emotions, but you can try to avoid contact in a heated mood of love.

Better to approach cat when it is looking calm with wagging his tail in gentle movement. As you better understand it`s mood swings to you will be able to develop a more sustainable relationship with your pet.

Why Does My Cat Lick My Nose

Special Bondage

Every animal has a distinctive body language to communicate with their owners. Cats mostly use their tongues to express their inner feelings. Grooming is their favorite gesture they like to give their owners or other family members.

Licking any part of your face shows acceptance from their side. Cats always develop a strong connection with humans, and perhaps this is the way to say they care and trust you a lot.

Taste Of Skin

Human skin has a natural salty taste, observe that your cat likes to lick your nose when you have pain sweating. The cats will not do it because you have some amount of skin moisturizer or sunscreens, as it will not taste good to him. They feel great for having the natural taste of the skin.

Mark The Territory

Cats like to indicate their territories by using their marks. Sometimes they urinate some items to leave the mark; they use some other ways too.

Licking the nose of their owner is a way for them to claim affectionately. When your cat is rubbing against you or trying to lick your nose, it means you are essential. It is a way to show other pets that you share a strong relationship with that special one pet. The other cats may smell the scent to know who is closer to you. 

Anxious Cat Lick Excessively

Other than a habit, it might be an indicator of something wrong with your cat. A cat can do nose licking in some kind of stress; he is probably trying to seek more attention from your side.

A new pet at home or any physical suffering might cause him to lick excessively. Feeling anxious with stress can leave him restless for finding some way to release the anxiety. Licking is a gesture of affection for them as they give it to receive some more in return.

If you find your cat licking excessively to make it creepy for you, try to find reasons. Any illness or physical hurting can make your cat depressed, and he might be trying to relax by licking your nose more.

Why Does My Cat Lick My Hand

Natural Way To Groom

The cat always keeps on licking their kittens out of love and for cleaning or grooming of kids. So, when they grew up as cats, licking seems to be a regular part of their habits. They enjoy licking themselves and other family members to show their more profound attachment.

Want Your Cuddles

If you were away for sometimes rather busy work or other matters, your cat must be missing your company and now seeking attention by grooming you. Licking hands and fingers to giving you love for wanting some cuddles in response.


your cat may be showing dominance over you by grooming, seems possessive about your presence in his life. This gesture reflects that sharing your love is impossible for him, so he is not willing to see you petting & cuddling other pets at home.

Scented Lotion

Mostly soaps and lotions use animal fat as an ingredient, so the cat would like to have a natural urge for licking hands as far as you washed recently. It will touch your hand to feel the aroma of scented lotion on your skin.

Reduce Stress

Licking is stress releasing therapy for cats; they feel lighter with grooming themselves and others. It soothes their senses to remove anxiety or any feelings of insecurity they have from their environment. Try to calm him down by caresses and cuddling to show some of the affection.

Why Does My Cat Lick Me Then Bite Me

Why should cats show such weird behaviors? What does it show, frustration, anger, or any kind of excitement? let’s talk about a few factual reasons to discuss this instinct


You might feel harsh by licking because of the tiny barbs on the cat`s tongue. Perhaps the cat is doing this out of excitement, biting to grab your attention and then licking to spend some time closer to your company.


It is not much difficult to read the eyes of your cute little one. Laying on the floor and looking at you softly, either rubbing against you to find a place to bite on your body. These are the signs of love and trust from such a charming beauty: How to resist this pure love?


Some Asian breeds more often like to chew materials, and even your hand is not the exception for them. Any underlying emotional issue could trigger violence among these cats. Be vigilant to take timely action to control such negative impulses.

Why Does My Cat Lick Plastic

Sometimes, the cats have an eating disorder called pica, which causes them to cravings for strange materials. They will be drawn towards the non-food items such as plastic or rubber. They might be seeking out grocery bags,  garbage packets, sandwich bags, and disposable items. Remember, pica will not always be responsible for such behavior from cats; there may be some other issues indicated by chewing or licking plastic items.  Here to discuss a few of them

Food Smell

The plastic bags used in supermarkets are soft and flexible; they make wrapping the food smells inside them. Cats with a sharp smell can pick up the food smell from the bag that would inspire them to taste the bag. The innocent kitten main thing that he is going to find something interesting to eat from that plastic.  


You probably have seen a cat licking the photograph that that could be due to the use of gelatin in photographic emulsion. Gelatin is enriched with silver halide crystals that can grab the attention of a cat through the nose.

Fatty Acids

Some plastics are made of saturated fatty acids from animal and vegetable fats.  These compounds are found in soap,  oil pastels, candles other plastic items. Plastic and soft rubber has compounds of fatty acid that can entice the cat’s senses to chew or lick them. A delightful smell of these chemicals can be a source of pleasure for the cat.


Cats like to chew plastic as it feels good on their tongue. They enjoy this activity as with durable material, and they can play like a toy. It is a kind of entertainment for kittens. It takes and has some fun time while chewing and licking plastic objects.

If your cat is getting obsessive with plastic objects, they may be dealing with some physical or mental disease. Might be the cat is trying to stimulate its senses to avoid some kind of psychological distress. Underlying health conditions like dental, gastrointestinal,  kidney, or cancer might be suffering the animal to face a lack of energy. You have to investigate his daily habits to find any particular reason for such impulsive behavior towards non-food materials.

Why Does My Cat Knead Me And Lick Me


Cats have glands under their paws, which they use for marking their territory. They activate these glands by kneading your lap or shoulder, which shows their dominance to win your heart.

Kneading is a way to stretch the body, and Cats press their paws to have a good stretch for their muscle`s flexibility. You might think it as a feline yoga pose.


Cats knead when they feel sleepy. Wild cats used to squeeze grass to find comfortable space for sleeping.

Kneading and right after that licking means that your cat is trying to find some free time of yours to have fun. He may want you to cuddle him to fall asleep with a relaxing massage from your side.

Is it harmful?

Kneading is not a harmful act if it is not going to hurt someone. Keep the nails of your cat trimmed and sort to avoid any possible hurt from scratching during kneading.

Why Does My Cat Lick My Hair After A Shower

Cats get excited to see you with Wet hair, and the cat will try to brush your hair with his teeth. Licking and soft by bites on your hair is the way of showing his Pure Love and possessiveness. He might be feeling bored, stressed, or anxious; understanding his motives will help you react positively.

Stress Release

Most kitties will find hair licking relaxing to soothe their senses. This type of activity can highly trigger the endorphin hormone to rush into their bodies. Experts proved that natural protection of endorphins could stimulate the brain through waves of relaxation. 

Your friend should find it a possibly unique way to show his affection towards you. The intense emotional bondage will compel him to seek some refreshing scent from your wet hair. The flavor of your shampoo can be a reason for that attraction as well.

Needs therapy

If your cat is suddenly getting compulsive to groom your locks, it could be the reason for hyperthyroidism. Get her checked by some expert vet to find the cause of this distress. Sometimes, the behaviorist can theorize to understand your pet’s problem if he is found healthy after a medical checkup.

Kittens might like to lick your hair frequently, trying to find motherly love in your company. Early year adoption and losing mother love can trigger a different kind of anxieties in young cats that may lead to developing such obsessions with their owners.

Why Do Cats Lick Each Other

It has been believed about cats as social animals, and they can exhibit their sociability by grooming each other. Cats like to groom other humans closely related to their lives, and they can simply differentiate between family members and strangers.

Close Bonding

Cats grooming their kids and siblings show the level of trust they share.   They frequently lick the vulnerable part of the body like the neck, head, and year of their kitten. This is the process of transferring your smell to the other group members, and it gives a sense of similarity for recognizing your family.

Motherly Love

A kitten can feel the first expression of love through the licking of the mother.  Right after the birth is going to clean impurities all over the body using her tongue.  It is indeed a silent message of love, protection, and trust from the mother.

Starting a few weeks right after birth is quite crucial for the health of the kittens. They are going to the stimulation of bowels by passing out waste products. At this, mothers can take care of their cleanliness by removing toxins from the body.


Cats struggle to clean their various body parts, some parts they can approach easily while for other parts they need help. It could be exciting if they find a partner to help them out. They can help each other to enjoy cleaning tricky parts of their bodies.

Why Does My Cat Lick Me When I Pet Him

when your cat tries to lick you, as soon you pet him, this is the common reason that he wants social grooming. Your petting must remind him of the pure motherly love, so the cat in response licks you for showing his gratitude for being loved and cared for.

Cats mostly lick each other to normalize body temperature and to calm down any depressive mood. Petting is your way to express love, and licking is something cats respond towards this gesture.    

If you have only one cat, it will not find any fallow to groom, and he would like to cherish you as a companion. They are complimenting you through licking your body; however, this could not always be positive.

It sounds strange if the cat is licking anything and everything available in front of him. It calls for some urgent attention, and you need to pay attention to this compulsive disorder. Medically this condition is recognized as Feline Hyperesthesia and needs medical treatment.

Should I Let My Cat Lick Me

Your cat is allowed to lick you as far as it is not going to hurt you. Cats have special bards on their tongue called ” papillae,” theses are hard to touch. Their tongue has a rough feeling like sandpaper. Barbs help to clean dirt and debris from fur at the time of grooming.

While these can get annoying for you at times, if too much of licking is causing discomfort, you may adopt following practices to refrain them.

  • Simply push them away gently to realize that their act is not appreciated right now. Don`t get aggressive, and it will stress out the animal to get scared of you.
  • Arrange some wands and bells to distract your cat from finding ways to lick all the time. Spend a few hours playing with the cat to enjoy a definite attraction with your cat.
  • Another technique is giving him a tasty treat, as you feel he is about to dominate you and provide him with something interesting to eat. It will give him a chance to be thankful to you.  
  • Cats get terrified of loud noises, and you can keep a can full of pebbles or coins to distract him while he is trying to lick frequently. As he comes closer, spook him by shaking the can harder.

Key Takeaways

What Can Be The Possible Reasons For Licking And Biting?

  • Affection
  • Attention Seeking
  • Marking territory
  • Stress
  • Disease
  • Mental illness

When Should I See The Vet?

  • For ADHD symptoms
  • Persistent Aggressive behavior
  • Sleeping and eating disorders
  • Licking anything everywhere

Should I Allow Him To Lick Me?

  • Not all the time
  • Train him to control this habit
  • Be tricky with him