8 Kinds Of Best Cat Toothpaste

Best Cat Toothpaste
Written by Daniel Paul

The diet of animals can cause the risk of dental problems. Pet cats have to eat the various type of nutrition element in their food that requires frequent cleaning. 

Cleaning teeth by using the best quality toothpaste is an essential part of the cat’s hygiene regimen. Unfortunately, researches showed a deficient percentage as 27% of pet owners who like to take care of their pet’s teeth. You might be among one of them, finding the right dental care products for your cat. 

Brushing your cat’s teeth will not be effortless, It sounds like a tedious task, but thanks to malt and chicken-flavored kinds of toothpaste, these can make the process easier.

Poor oral hygiene can create discomfort with bad breath and dental disease. Veterinarians recommend regular brushing to achieve good oral health that will prevent other infectious diseases as well. 

You have chosen the best nutritionist food for the cat, keeping a strict check on the vaccines and timely appointments, but along with that, if you are not keeping up the dental care of your cat, sooner or later he has to face health issues. Gum disease or some other health concerns due to declined oral hygiene can prove quite expensive, as that can lead to tooth extractions if the problem gets serious.

Luckily, there are many ways to keep things under control about your pet’s dental health while staying right at home.  Many brands are launching dental care products specially formulated to keep the pets away from collecting bacteria, plaque, and tartar.  Using these products regularly will reduce the need to seek professional help for a dental cleaning, but remember that still your cat requires visiting the vet for a routine dental check-up.  If you are practicing your pet’s daily cleaning habit, you can prolong the time extended to 2,3 months for an expert dental cleaning.

You can’t expect your cat to get familiar with any product in one go, of course, things will take time to work.  You have to take a softer approach for training so your cat can get used to the smell and feel of toothpaste and brush.  Of course, you have to hold the cat’s mouth to brush its teeth, so you need to be very calm, sometimes it takes more time for being comfortable with this cleaning process.

Type Of Toothpaste

Regular cleaning habits will keep your cat away from tartar and plaques. It helps to keep your cat happier than ever to enjoy fresh breathe.    

Cat toothpaste is available in different varieties; however, only two types are mostly concerned for most pet owners.

Enzymatic Toothpaste

Enzymatic toothpaste is beneficial and can handle plaque build-up quickly. It can reduce the cat-wrangling that may happen during the brushing to prevent harmful bacteria growth in the mouth. The clogged plaque can’t be stuck on teeth if you are using enzymatic toothpaste daily.

Natural Toothpaste

Other options are available other than enzymatic toothpaste, although they are not as effective as enzymatic ones, so you have to brush more than once to bring results.

What to Consider When Buying A Higher Quality Toothpaste for Cat

Take into account the following aspects when buying toothpaste for your beloved cat


We humans can’t consider taste while buying one as sometimes the bitter-tasting toothpaste is preferred due to their cleaning properties. We mostly get mint, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and clove flavored toothpaste available for us, and many of us can easily compromise on taste.

Remember, your cat will not compromise on the taste; it would be a big deal for him. Take something that tastes quite similar to cat food, as brushing can be a pleasure source. A great flavor can less bother your pet for being induced tearing during the cleaning. 

You can get various flavors such as poultry, meat, and mint to make your kitty happy about the process. 


Any cat toothpaste should be safe to swallow by the cat; nobody wants to risk their pet’s life by using hazard elements for the mouth. When going off the brand, we must not ignore the toothpaste’s chemical composition as it should not contain any ingredient that can prove toxin for your feline.


The price depends on the size of the tube as well as on the brand. Collect details about quality brands launching kinds of toothpaste for pets; the price may differ according to ingredients and brand. Consider one that is safe for the cat and your furry like that flavor to digest without the struggle.

Benefits Of Brushing Teeth Of Your Cat

There are three main reasons to take care of your feline dental hygiene.

Clean Mouth Can Ensure A Long Life

The mouth is a collection center of various good and bad bacteria.  As a cat owner, it is essential to take care of your beloved pet’s oral hygiene.  If you want your cat to live a healthy life, you have to control periodontal diseases by avoiding plaque and tartar collection on teeth.  Breaking your cat’s teeth is an essential way of taking care by keeping the mouth clean.  Cat has to come in two interactions with all family members, so pure, the fresh breath will not cause any germs to spread throughout the family.

To Control Resportive Lesions

It is a painful condition due to the formation of lesions; this can ultimately result in loss of teeth.  If you are not brushing your cat regularly, you will not realize this condition until you will see missing teeth in the mouth.

Resportive lesions will start with the loss of enamel, starting right at the gum line.  Gradually it develops into gums dentin that starts destroying the teeth. The dentin is out a layer of pulp, where nerves are gathered. Resportive lesions can be horribly painful and ultimately deteriorating all teeth. 

Cleaning At Home Can Save Dollars

Taking care of your cat’s teeth can save you from high expenses of seeking professional help.  Regular home cleaning can protect various infectious diseases that will cost you much for dental treatments.   Although most of the pet owners don’t care about teeth cleaning instead must be realized as a vital part of the pet hygiene regimen.

Avoid Liver And Kidney Diseases

Many fatal diseases growing in cats’ bodies might be connected to the ignorance of oral hygiene, so if you wish to see your cat living a happy and healthy life, make efforts to train him for brushing. Plaque clogged on gums can shift into stomach mixed with food particles to cause digestive problems, and if the situation persists, it can give permanent damage to some organs such as kidney or liver. 

Tips For Brushing Your Cat's Teeth

Your cat needs brushing at every stage of life while kittens are mostly friendly to deal with during brushing, but the adult ones get rigid most of the time. So the owners have to be tricky when the cats are reluctant to cooperate for brushing. Here given a few ways to help you manage the teeth care routine of your feline.

Settle Down

Cats feel comfortable with new experiences while they are sitting at a familiar place in a relaxed position. This could be their routine sitting place, or either your lap can give them a secure feeling to get ready for cleaning. 

You should be sitting in a relaxed position as any impulsive behavior can make your cat anxious in a few minutes, and you most likely have to do more struggle to settle him down.

Start In Steps

Take small steps to make the animal familiar with this process. When the cat is comfortable, gently open the mouth to expose teeth, and as you feel he is ready, start brushing. After a few days of practice, your cat will become habitual of these sensations for their teeth and gums exposed for more extended periods.

It requires a few days of practice and effort to accustom your cat with this brushing sensations. These efforts will pay off, in the long run, to save your kitty from foul breath and a dirty mouth.

Use A Toothpaste

Human toothpaste is too awkward to use for cats due to fluoride concentration, and the same human-size toothbrush can be frightening for cats little mouth. Try to use a finger toothbrush for starting the practice; it is much easier to maneuver for the gradual progress of brushing.

Choose A Toothpaste With A Flavor

The poultry flavor of the cat’s toothpaste can be of great help, unlike it can be disturbing for some other cats. Feline experts found the strong scent of toothpaste indistinguishable for some cats, so it depends on the cat’s personal flavor choice.

The strong smell of toothpaste can be disrupting for cats to make brushing an impossible task. A mild taste proves as a better option, for it can motivate cats to agree to use a specific flavor.

Stick To The Routines

Brushing your cat’s teeth cannot be struggle-free; you can expect scratches and resistance. Perhaps you have to stick with routines to clean the teeth for getting rid of toxins clogged on teeth. Inserting brush deeper inside the mouth will be a draining struggle, so a far better way is to clean teeth from outside involving upper molar and canines.

Frequently Asked Question's

Is It Necessary To Brush My Cat's Teeth Daily?

Same like humans the pets also need Dental Care to prevent diseases.  Since your cat cannot tell you anything about your health, your efforts to maintain hygiene counts here, toothaches can suffer your cat, better to avoid it by daily oral cleaning.  Remember that genetic factors and overuse of treats may also involve a dental cripple; how are you? If you are not able to identify the problem, you may consult your vet for further action.

Human Toothpaste Can Be Safe For My Pet?

Well, human toothpaste is  beneficial to keep tartar and plaque away, but are they safe for the pets as they are for humans?

No, animals can’t tolerate the fluoride content, which is used as the main ingredient for human toothpaste.  When we use toothpaste we spit out in our mouth show the ingredients are not of many problems for us, but the animals can’t spit after brushing, so the large Fluoride amount can prove toxin for their stomach. 

Can Dental Disease Prove Fatal For My Cat?

Chances are rare, but it can happen. An abscessed tooth or chronic illness can spread to reach the bloodstream.  It sometimes happens with dogs and humans as well.  So, why not to practice good dental hygiene to avoid any future risk of disease.

How Often Should I Brush My Cat's Teeth?

Once a day is recommended, sometimes it’s not possible to follow a regular practice as cats are very emotional and moody. So if not brushing daily, thrice in a week can help to prevent dental diseases.  Try not to exceed more than 2 days without brushing, leading to plaque and tartar accumulation on teeth.

Why Does My Cat Need Toothpaste?

Cats need toothpaste to get rid of foul breathe and remaining food particles in the mouth. The remaining food elements can cause oral health complications if not cleaned regularly. Some kind of food supplements can be the reason for dental plaque, and it would be better to resist dental problems by using reputed toothpaste for your kitty.

How To Control Dental Disease In My Cat?

Periodontal diseases are irreversible, and a pet owner can make efforts to control them. Make your cat familiar with dental cleaning from an early age besides taking your cat for professional consultation after a couple of months. Regular brushing must be necessary to keep your animal healthy for longer.

Best 8 Kinds Of Toothpaste For Cats

it is available as a set of toothpaste and toothbrush for cleaning your cat’s teeth. This toothbrush has an ideal shape to clean your cat’s little mouth.  Although this is not enzymatic to paste, instead it has all essential ingredients to prevent plaque and tartar.

 This toothpaste has sodium hexametaphosphate and Vitamin C as a combination of antioxidants to control dental diseases.  It can restrict the deposition of plaque by checking the amount of calcium in the cat’s saliva. It has a reasonable price, so it would not be high on your budget.

Product Features

  • Advanced oral care with fresher breathe
  • Antioxidant and calcium chelator combat plaque
  • Healthy gums and teeth with deeper cleaning

The Sentry Petrodex toothpaste has a delightful malt flavor to excite your cat. It contains hydrogen peroxide enzymes that can prevent clogging of the tartar along the gums. All safe ingredients make it safe and don’t worry about digestion if your cat eats. This toothpaste is super fast to clean gums and freshen up breathe by removing toxic bacteria. 

Petrodex is safe and reasonable to afford by everyone. It is the best available oral hygiene kit for your cat and a toothbrush, toothpaste, and finger toothbrush. The standard size brush suits your cat, while finger size is just for the kitten. 

Product Features

  • Safe to use as no harm if the cat swallows
  • Maintain oral health by removing plaque and tartar
  • Full kit suitable for all feline family members

ZYMOX Oratene cat toothpaste is specially designed for kitties with sensitive gums and teeth. This toothpaste is available with full enzyme protection to control layers of plaque and tartar while being gentle to the sensitive gums. The soft balmy touch can secure gums by healing the mouth tissues. 

Oratene has anti-inflammatory properties to resist redness and chronic pain due to infections. If your pet is suffering from dry mouth syndrome to produce thick saliva, this toothpaste can prove useful to reduce these conditions. 

You can use it with the help of a finger and brush as well. The ingredients are feline health-friendly, so no foaming agents cause concerns if your cat has swallowed it.

Product Features

  • soothes inflamed gums and sore tissues
  • Safe to swallow
  • Deep cleaning to avoid plaques and tartar
  • use with finger if the brush is not available

Oxyfresh contains all-natural ingredients to clean the cat’s teeth gently. Oxyfresh is a teeth expert as all you need to apply a small amount with a finger or by using a brush. The soothing effect can clean teeth with fresher breath to enjoy the day perfectly. 

Product Features

  • It works instantly to clean so use it with finger if the cat is not ready for brushing
  • No artificial flavors and added sugar so the best option for moody cats 
  • Reasonable price is affordable

The CET toothpaste is designed for pets to keep plaque away from their teeth. Sometimes the cats seem uncomfortable with the taste of specific toothpaste. This product doesn’t have a strong scent like most of the meat flavored toothpaste has.

Regular use of CET toothpaste will change the color of teeth and a visible reduction in the amount of tartar.

Product Features

  • prevent gingivitis and attain excellent oral health
  • give brighter and cleaner teeth enamel 
  • Made in the USA under quality control
  • Recommended by professionals

What’s my professional Savory duck flavor toothpaste can provide a protective layer again cavities and gingivitis.  Good oral health can save your cat from liver and Kidney Disease in the long run.  A dirty mouth can be the carrier of various infectious diseases.

 Pet smile is based on the Calprox formula that dissolves the proteins to control plaque and bacteria growth.  No additional sulfates or paraben have been included; the vegan leaves can give your pet healthier and brighter looking teeth.

Product Features

  • Savory duck flavor to feel tasty for the cat
  • Propriety formula including Calprox which dissolves plaque
  • Sulfates, paraben and BPA  free
  • Approved by (VOHC) Veterinary Oral Health Council

Enzadent is poultry flavored enzyme solution equally suitable for cats and dogs. The best formulation to combat bacterial growth in the cat’s mouth to eliminate chronic disease chances. 

Enzadent effectively cleans pet teeth without causing any foaming sensations for creepy feeling in the mouth. The ingredients are no harsh chemical-based to be dangerous to swallow by the cat.

Product Features 

  • Tripled enzyme formula to remove food particles thoroughly
  • Non-foaming texture and safe to swallow
  • Prevent dental decay and mouth ulcers due to poor hygiene
  • A finger brush is perfect for pets

This is a complete oral care kit with a brush and toothbrush to keep your cat healthy and fresh. This toothpaste is formulated with coactive+ remove plaque and leave the pet’s breathe fresher. This dual headed brush is efficient to clean gums from the inner side as well. The soft brush has pleasant sensations for your pet. This high-quality material is not going to be stiff for the cat’s little mouth opening.

Food grade quality material made it perfect to use due to anti-bacterial features, making it suitable for your feline friend. Fresher clean breathe to enjoy after a joyful experience.

Product Features 

  • The kit has a dual-headed toothbrush 
  • It has a rich flavor to attract kitty
  • Ingredients are harmless for your lovely pet

Bottom Line

Its instinct in humans to keep their bodies’ clean while for animals and especially the little furry creature cannot clean themselves with their efforts; they need a support system from their parent family to make things better for them. Now it up to the pet owner to take responsibility to clean the mouth of the cat regularly requires to be patient with an annoying and resisting cat. 

Once you have gone through the training process, things will get better for you. Least resistance will finally remove, and your cat will understand, so will be more demonstrative towards oral cleaning.