Best Food For Labrador Puppy

Best Food For Labrador Puppy
Written by Mehwish Imtiaz

Labradors are the real working alcoholics they belong to the North Atlantic region of Canada. Labradors can learn excellent swimming skills with some efforts as they have origin from fishing and helping fishers. They will develop a great interest in hunting, searching, and assisting. 

Your Lab puppy may share a fantastic bond with you after spending a few weeks in your company. These innocent pups are not much demanding about self-grooming chores like cutting, brushing, and bathing. 

Feeding doses may vary according to the individual requirements; instead, they have excessive appetites, mostly for which the owner has to plan wisely. Any excessive intake may result in bloating or gaining extra pounds, so you are the one to decide a fixed schedule for his meal. Consider age, size, and habits to handle the meal sessions, don`t ignore that they have the most rapid growth during 4-7 months of their 1st year of life.  

If you notice any change in eating habits without any hint of reason, you must consult your vet to make better food choices. As the parent, you take the responsibility of your touchy kid, and your decisions about food intake will have far-reaching effects on a future grown-up adult pet. Be mindful and very careful while switching your preferences for a different product. Not to be tempted by the allure of any brand, observe and read everything to make the best choices.

From Royal Canin, this breed-specific food is just for Labrador puppies.   Large breed dogs can reach maturity higher than the small breeds.  They are fully grown to enter adulthood 18 months of age even sometimes it takes two years.  Risk lab puppy food is available in dry form, and it can nourish puppies form 8 weeks 2 15 months.  The formula is very supportive of the large breed joints and bone growth.  Royal Canin contains the right blend of protein and Calcium substances.

 This pretty creature has a particular water-resistant coat, this recipe essential for healthy food and ensures a hundred percent skin health.  The specific composition of pre and pr-biotic formulas can save the intestines of Lab from digestive problems.

For a retriever Labrador puppy, this food is an ideal supplement to provide full nourishment. See some distinctive features of this product.

  • It can take care of the significant diet of Lab puppies.
  • The exclusive design of Kibbles
  • Supportive till 15months of age
  • Protects bones and joints
  • Promote skin and coat health

The wholesome nutrition with Wellness CORE can give your puppy real goodness of protein sourced from real chicken and Turkey; it has grain-free ingredients to ensure your Lab puppy’s health safety by avoiding grains. The original protein sources are blended to focus on the health and growth needs of large breed dogs.

Crafted with the right amount of calories for growth, DHA proves supportive for eye and brain development, Antioxidants to promote a healthy immune building.  We can categorize this product as highly desirable for Labrador growing age dogs, and canine, kibble can be served as a balanced meal for puppies.

Wellness always proved best to provide high-quality ingredients, without an extended amount of meat-by-products, wheat corn, soy, artificial colors, and flavors. Give your lovely dog the optimal wellness with original nutritional sources. 

DHA is naturally derived from salmon oil to support cognitive development and maintain the skin`s natural shining and luster.

Look at some essential features of Wellness CORE :

  • Grain and gluten-free, no corn and wheat
  • suitable for large, small and medium breed puppies
  • Kibble has a coating of pro-biotic, to make food stomach-friendly
  • No added preservatives and flavors

The cute little puppy need bucks of energy to have a fun time around, make sure the meal supplement should be fed him all the required nourishment. Blue Buffalo Wilderness with unique ingredients of the protein-enriched chicken meal is perfect for developing your beloved puppy.

Wilderness has a special DHA formula to support healthy brain growth; a perfect ratio of calcium and phosphorus can give bones immense strength when in the rapid growth phase to enter adulthood. The Kibble is ideal in size to ensure it will not be a burden on your dog’s digestive system.

The protein sourced naturally can help build lean muscle for a healthy body; it can resist obesity in this cute creature. Cranberries, blueberries, and blackberries can boost the immune system for getting up to fight any infections underlying in the body.

Some Essential Features:

  • Grain-free ingredients to prevent food allergies
  • Omega fatty acids for healthy skin and coats
  • Protein supply with deboned chicken and turkey meal 
  • Combination of barriers to promote natural defense through boosting the immune system
  • Sweet potatoes to give veggies carbohydrates

Ground dinner option is great to add some variety of wet food with all protein combination of chicken and Beef canned dog food. The meaty flavor can make it tasty for your pup as the optimal level of minerals is mandatory for your dog to get a shiny coat. Along with skin rejuvenation, it contains highly digestible food elements to absorb in the body completely. The meaty form of meal is a pleasurable experience for the puppies to expect a wagtail approval with Pedigree Ground dinner.

Some Essential Features:

  • It is specially formulated for puppies in minced meat form.
  • Suitable for small, large and medium-breed puppies
  • Rich in flavor while easy to digest
  • Optimal oil and mineral protection 
  • Prepared under strict quality conditions in the USA

Nutro is a wholesome food choice indeed. Nutro is trusted for providing non-GMO ingredients without any preservatives, no added colors, and flavors.  You can pick it as the safest choice as compared to the other options.  The number 1 protein source is formed chicken, so your puppies will enjoy food besides gaining strong muscles.

 Omega 3 fatty acid, calcium, and multivitamin strengthened the digestive system of a dog to save him from getting caught by chronic diseases.  Chicken as the main ingredient can make it clean eating for your favorite puppy.

Some Essential Features:

  • Large breed and giant breed specified
  • Non-GMO ingredients support the health system
  • Grain-free quality makes it safe for hyper-allergic Labs
  • Delicious taste to satisfy the craving of Labradors hunger quest 
  • Nutro is prepared in the USA, under quality control

Hill`s has several years of research behind their exclusive recipes to trust them for providing the best nutritional supplement for your Labrador dog. They use a specifically targeted formula to take care of the dietary requirement during the development phase. They have to read the 55 lab level before reaching maturity, so this food helps them build up high muscular strength and bone density.

All ingredients of this dry food are medically approved and tested by professionals, so you may need not to worry much about your Labrador’s growth. The blend of 6 omegala fatty acid ensures a healthy and Shiny coat. Hill science has a perfect blend of the essential vitamins and nutrients to take care of your valuable family member’s dietary requirements.

Some Essential Features:

  • Suitable for large and joint breeds
  • DHA drive from fish oils to promote the learning ability
  • Vitamin E and C TO build a reliable immunity system
  • no preservatives and artificial colors or flavors
  • made in the USA under the quality supervision

The little one Lab will be adults do gin the near future, so never compromise on nutritional support for the active body and brain. Eukanuba Puppy Large Breed food can provide a healthy balance to fuel your drool for joyful time with you. The protein ingredients with a high quality of calcium and phosphorous substances ensure to build optimal growth systems for Labrador puppies. Fats and carbohydrates can help him grow strong and have full energy levels to be physically active.

Some Essential Features:

  • Dry food for large breeds and giant breeds
  • Chicken as a safe source of protein and fats
  • DHA support for active training abilities
  • Carbohydrates as energy boosters 
  • The perfect blend to get strong muscles and bones

Taste of the Wild High Praire derives the bulk of its meat protein sources are from buffalo, chicken, and lambs.  This recipe has a higher proportion of protein and the same ratio of carbs. It has a balanced rate of all nutritional elements added to give optimal health protection to your sweet friend, As you would like to see him always happy and active. 

Some Essential Features:

  • Variety of elements to make a proportional meal
  • Grain-free formula 
  • Antioxidants to keep arteries smooth and flexible
  • Ideal for every age of the dog
  • Zinc proteinate along with added mineral 

Purina Pro Plan has a specific performance to support an ideal growth rate. This large breed particular meal has a 30/20 formula that uses chicken as the main ingredient. Blended fats, along with amino acids, help nourish the muscles; it works to stabilize the puppy’s body to continue with daily exercising habits. Glucosamine absorbs in joints for making them flexible and strong enough to be playful like a typical Labrador puppy.

Some Essential Features:

  • Suitable for all breed sizes
  • The real meat and poultry contents
  • Can take care of all age groups
  • Digestive health and weight management
  • The USA facilitated the production quality 

Wag has real American chicken as a necessary ingredient to make a tasty meal for your pup, and lentils have minerals and vitamins to control the immune system inside the body of your sensitive puppy. It has gathered all the nutrients vital for puppy growth blended in a single packet of the meal, without any composition of chemical-based flavor or colors. Any artificial ingredients can prove very dangerous for the dog’s stomach as Labrador`s are already have a higher tendency to get allergen from food. You should try Wag being a high-quality source of the most delicate proteins from trusted sources of international standards.

Some Essential Features:

  • Large breed puppy food
  • Enriched in proteins
  • No-grain is ideal for hypo-allergic pups
  • Production has a trusted source of the USA.

What Else Should Labrador Puppy Food Contain?

Besides protein, Lab owners should look for the quantity of fat in dog food. Fat plays an essential role in Labrador puppies; it helps them get a healthier body.

Lab puppies gain around 2 pounds each week, and you have to make sure that they can get 10% of fat from Puppy food.   Adult tabs will not require such a higher concentration of fat in their diet.   You have to be vigilant about the proportion of fat and protein in food,  as the fat content must be lower than the protein roughly around half of the percentage value.

 Vegetables, known as the most valuable natural source of nutrients for your Labrador puppy, are essential to get minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants.  The most exceptional quality Labara dog food should have vegetable ingredients like tomato, carrot, and spinach.  In this way, you can make sure that your Lab is taking essential micronutrients to achieve optimal health, as these elements are the cancer fighters and prevent any underlying inflammation. 

 Medical micronutrients you are looking out to find in your Puppy food are naturally sourced:

  • for dental and bone care,  calcium and phosphorus intake
  • Sodium and chloride to get regular cell function
  • Sulfur, potassium, and magnesium for varied functions
  • vitamin A and E for a secure immune system and shining fur.

Lab food must have low carb proportion as canines are not active to digest food with high carbs. When choosing the menu for your Labrador puppy, you must read the label to know about the carbohydrates level; it must be under 30% to ensure optimal dog health.

How cute this little creature looks! Indeed,  Labradors are the most amazing puppies that play and bounce in excitement to warm their owner’s heart. They love to exercise and stay active all day long.  They will not live happily in a suppressed environment. You have to give your Labra ample time to jump and hop around; otherwise, h will start acting unusual. 

Your cute little pup needs a bucket of calories to fuel his tanks, must add a sufficient quantity of fats and proteins. Unlike the grown-ups, puppies are more in need of high levels of proteins.

Nutritional Requirement for A Labrador Puppy

The nutritional requirement for a Labrador is based on the ideal blend of these essential food elements. 


Protein is the fundamental building block for all living organisms in this universe.  So giving proper intake of high protein dog food is vital for the healthy development and growth of Labrador dog.  Amino acids are essential to maintain the muscle tissues.   While lab dogs do not have strong muscles like other dog breeds or boxes, they still have the requirement of protein for a well-developed body.

Proteins are necessary for the normal hormonal function, Rapid growth of cells, and essential substances for Labrador.  Deer food and skin have a structural protein, so any lack of food can result in massive infections.  The protein synthesis into two dependent immunoglobulins how to make a more muscular body and secure immune system, your left will lose his ability to create antibodies if the food is not providing with sufficient protein boost.

DHA and Taurine

Labradors have sensitive eyes that can catch eye problems to prevent average retina growth. They mostly suffered from cataracts and retinal dysplasia, to affect their eye side negatively. DHA and taurine rich food can help to build greater strength for eye development.  

These are the most influential elements to give optimal growth power to Labrador’s eye parts. However, DHA is equally vital for brain growth and nervous system stability. Take care of the right proportion to add-in Lab`s diet for giving him an average growth speed to become a muscular adult Labrador.

Calcium and Phosphorus

The calcium and phosphorus can maintain the structural strengthening of bones, and these two minerals support the development of the body for normal physical activities. Any lack of these essential elements in puppy`s food can hinder his physical efforts through fractures or other bone problems. 

Labrador’s should be provided with food enriched with Chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine. These substances are well known for encouraging chondrocytes’ production, which can be the supporting element for the cartilage of adjoining bones. 

These cells are efficient in creating synovial fluid within the joint capsules to strengthen the integrity of bones. This lubricating substance is vital to maintain natural bone density and flexibility for accurate movements. As a pet owner, your responsibility is to find the best quality products with ingredients containing the right proportion of chondroitin and glucosamine. That is the only way to live a healthy life with your growing puppy.

Why Select Brand-Specific Food For Your Labrador?

Each breed of dog has different health conditions and nutritional requirements, and it is due to the significant bodily difference in their structure.  When they grow up as an adult dog, you will be able to generalize more about their breed based food requirements. 

Large breed Labrador tends to go faster than the smaller breeds, a 20 days old Labrador might weight around 3 to 5 pounds.  But an adult Labra dog manages to reach approximately 75 pounds.  So it is believed that they can have a Rapid growth of bones and joints while moving towards adulthood.  It is visible that to select the right food for a puppy is a crucial decision that cannot be taken lightly if you are ignoring essential aspects you might have to face the consequences.

A large breed may have more nutritional imbalance sensitivities; this is the most compelling reason to avoid feeding excessive calcium to puppies.  When you are not considering the ingredients of food, probably your puppy is having a high intake of calcium. It can result in musculoskeletal deformities, a severe bone disorder that particular hits the elbow and can cause hip dysplasia.

This excessive calcium intake results in the rapid growth of bones but not in the correct form. However, the low calcium level can also prove dangerous for health, then how to balance out the calcium levels? 

While another challenge is to keep the weight of puppy under control, for that keeps check on overeating. Giving ample food for one time feed is a more organized way than to fill the bowl unmeasured and leave it on the dog that how much he wants to swallow?  The pets are not able to understand the best options for them so a better idea is to give a schedule meal quantity. It can your pet from any serious health concerns due to overeating.

How Often Should You Feed Your Labrador?

Labradors need feed in various proportions according to their development phase. Puppies less than one month should be fed with mother milk only without any other supplements. In an unavoidable situation, when it is not possible to feed a puppy with mother feed, milk replacer is available to fulfill that to some extent.

This is to give the puppy a health balance of essential nutrients that have to work to develop crucial antibodies. After 4 weeks, it’s an ideal time to include other additional feedings in the form of milk replacers. They should get fed 4 times a day until they cross the 12 weeks of their age. After entering into the 5th month and till reaching 6, feeding time can be reduced to 3 times per day. When at the age of 6 months, your puppy is developing a morning and evening meal habit.

These are the general rules to follow for feeding your lab puppy, your dog`s individual needs can vary from the others, so take into account while making a schedule for him.

You may talk to your veterinarian to decide about the accurate frequency of meals for your Lab. As the vet can better make meal plans, according to the health requirements of your beloved pet. Many dog owners prefer to know the will of their pet for the schedule timing of meals. Some owners also fed their pet only one time a day. Well, What about experimenting with things of your Labrador puppy? It is not doing any good for his health, as such random practices favor the rapid bloating in the dog’s body. It is better to take action on solid scientific researched-based facts to avoid doing any mishap with your pet’s health.

How Will I know If A Food Is Healthy For My Labrador?

Are you still confused about making the right choice of food for your Labrador puppy? We suggest that the Lab owners look at the food ingredients list and nutritional composition for selecting the best puppy food for your dog. 

This profile will help you get to know how much protein and fats your Lab is taking and from which ingredients. Make sure your puppy is taking the main proteins from real meat sources, Preferable choices are boneless chicken fillet, pasture-raised lamb as enriched protein sources for Labrador puppies. 

Always avoid any ingredient as ‘by-product meal’ as the central content in dog food. 

Remember, your puppy depends on you for healthy food choices, as they always consume energy to grow up and gain muscular power for entering into adulthood. Look around to select a food with 25-30% protein; for less and more active puppies, protein is mandatory to add in the diet.

Frequently Asked Question's

Is Labrador Puppy Food Expensive?

Brand-specific food can be costly as some brands have 25-pound bag god food available at $100. Still, it is recommended to get brand-specific food as long as you can afford it.

Your dog will not feel healthy with frequent food changes, and they can be tough for the puppy. Try to stick with the same brand, avoid experimenting with various formulas on your pup. If you love your pet, you should not sacrifice their health to save a few dollars. 

Let your pooch eat a well-balanced diet that he will be able to enjoy with real happiness. Low-grade food has low-quality fillers, so the puppy needs to eat more, which results in more poops around the home. Naturally, it can disrupt your Lab’s digestive system, better not to compromise about the quality of the product.

What Food To Avoid For Labrador?

There are few food groups that Labrador should avoid, some of these belong to the puppy food in the market. Some of these would be gluten, corn syrup, soy, and white flour. These ingredients are found in many commercially available foods and can prove harmful for your dog. Try to avoid theses meal intakes to keep him in good health condition.

Some other things to take care of are to avoid the excess of sodium nitrate, farmed salmon, and salt. These elements are proved unhealthy for dogs of all breeds and sizes, and it is vital to give them a meal with a lower concentration of these nutrients.

How Do I Know My Puppy Is Getting Enough Food?

Your puppy will be in the rapid growth phase during the first six months of life. After this, the process gets slower until he reaches the age of one year. 

If at any point, during the first year of his life, you notice a decline in growth, you should observe his ribs to know about any visible health change. It is probably the time to talk to your vet about his eating habits and other possible health concerns.

How Do I Switch My Lab To Adult Food?

The transition should be gradual as it will not be a burden on the dog’s digestive system. Make a meal with 25% adult food and 75% puppy food and mix it up well for your grown-up dog. Over a week, you can change this ratio by increasing the adult food proportion and gradually moving on until it reaches all adult food.

In case your puppy tends to have sensitivity about new food supplements, you have to go slower and be vigilant about his changing health conditions. If he is feeling any discomfort, you can consult the vet for making adjustments accordingly.

Bottom Line

Finding the ideal product for your Labrador puppy is quite a challenging job, as these are large breed dogs with a higher tendency to acquire crippling or hip dysplasia. However, these symptoms are not unavoidable unless you are fully equipped to feed them right. Some best companies worldwide are making Puppy food according to the AAFCO nutrient profiles, and your part is to reach out to them for providing the best food sources to your puppy. 

Things to Remember

Before one year of age, your tiny dog cannot ‘digest the adult formulas better not to experiment, let him grow well to reach the phase of adulthood by taking great care of his diet schedule and supplements.

You may take help from our recommended food lists; it would be constructive to give you valuable information. 

You can`t deny that your puppy will change from a fluffy ball towards a large brainy dog, so most importantly, look into what you are putting into his diet?

 Your happy, bubbly cherry chum will always seek your love and attention. Nobody can resist this charm of innocence where so much love is given without ant condition. Our pet will make every movement precious in your life, so you must have to feel for all his needs to provide him with the best.