Do Turtles Like Music?

Do Turtle Like Music
Written by Emma Watson

I was just scrolling down the youtube when I saw a video where pet turtles are seen enjoying the music played by their human friend. I surfed more and discovered that people are talking about multiple kinds of sounds their pet turtle enjoy.

This intrigued me to research and write about the topic with logical reasoning. So, let us see if your turtle can enjoy jamming with you. Or can even it hear you?

There is no sufficient evidence that turtles like music. But we cannot say that turtles don’t like music either. Most animals respond to different kinds of music differently. Turtles can relate to the words in the song but cannot understand their meaning. Turtles can hear to some extent because they lack an eardrum. They respond to loud voices because turtles do not have sharp hearing ears. They have internal ears.

Do Turtles Have Ears To Hear?

Yes, turtles do have ears. But these ears are located inside and are known and internal or middle ears. Turtles have small holes on their head from which the sounds get in. So, they are not able to recognize minimal sounds.

Usually, they realize the pressure changes in the air due to sound waves. This is very helpful for turtles to understand the danger of a predator.

Do All Turtles And Tort Like Music?

No, there is a possibility that one of your pet turtles likes the music while the other doesn’t.  

Note: It is not clear for all the types of turtles to like music. For example, box turtles, red ear slider turtles many more. They may or may not enjoy music.

Can A Turtle Hear You?

Yes, turtles can hear their owners. Turtles are also able to recognize their names as well. You can call your pet turtles after training. Similarly, they can also understand and hear you. Turtles can relate your voices with you. The ears of the turtles are covered up with the skin, yet they can follow your voice.

Most of the turtle pet owners claim that their turtles come up to the surface of the tank whenever they greet them. Studies reveal that species of Pseudonyms scripta can be trained to respond to the sounds.

Turtles Making Sound Underwater?

Turtles make different low-pitched sounds underwater. Other turtles present in the pond can hear these sounds. Humans are unable to recognize and hear the sounds produced by turtles. Sounds so made are necessary for them to travel better in the water.      

What kind Of Music Does A Turtle Like?

Studies reveal that turtles like classical music. Classical music is soft and subtle. Turtle shells are pretty hard and rigid.

However, their shell is sensitive to the vibration of sounds. These vibrations can also act as a gentle massage for their shells. 

How To Know If Your Turtle Likes The Music?

Here’s a simple technique to know whether your turtle likes the music or not.

Turn on the music to examine the behaviour of your turtle.

  1. If he feels excited and plays all around. Then definitely, he is enjoying the music or loving the vibration caused by the sound.
  2. Another possibility is that your turtle will hide and look stressed. He will start avoiding interaction. This happens when your turtle does not like the music vibe. Just turn off the music to see whether your turtle is again behaving properly or not.

While some of the turtle owners claim that when they play certain music, their turtles came out of their shells. This indicates that the turtles are relating and responding to the music. Another event can also occur while playing the music. Sometimes the turtles hide when a song is played which is not loved by the turtles. You can cross-check the liking and disliking by switching the themes.

How Can You Make Your Turtle Enjoy The Music?

If your pet turtles are exposed to music in their adult age. There is a great possibility of their strange behaviour showing a dislike. One best idea is to play the music during the childhood of your turtles. Your baby turtles will soon get used to it.

Do Turtles Hear Music?

Many people assume that turtles are deaf because turtles apparently have no ears, but they have middle ears. As you know, turtles are animals and different from humans, so they don’t like music the same way as humans do. For instance, music is just like a change of pressure of air for turtles rather than a sound.

Do Turtles Hear Music/Sound On The Land?

It is a bit difficult for the turtles to hear sounds on the land. This is the reason that turtles are unable to listen to the voice of any predator. So there is more chance for the turtles to become prey. But fortunately, because of their hard shell, they get safe from any animals attack.

Do Turtles Hear In Underwater?

Yes, turtles can hear music or any kind of sound underwater. In fact, the sound underwater becomes more significant for them to hear. This is because turtles have small holes around their head.

 In water, turtles’ ears are not exposed to water, so their hearing capacity is increased, unlike most reptiles. Turtles are safer in water than on land because of their hearing frequency range that ranges from 200 to 750Hz in water. Turtles recognize the pressure change in the presence of any predator and swim around in the water to escape. 

  Television For Turtles:

Turtles enjoy watching movies with their owners. You can lay down on your sofa with your cute little turtle. But if you are a tough scheduled person, just simply switch on the TV in front of your turtle’s tank.

Sounds Made By A Turtle:

Turtle sounds are gender discriminated.  Some make high-pitched whining sounds, whereas others can cluck. Turtles do not have vocal cords, but they are able to make sounds. They make sounds when they are under stress and anger. Usually, they make voices underwater, which is not in the audible frequency range of humans. Humans cannot recognize those sounds.

Is Music Bad For Your Turtle?

Turtles can get stressed when are exposed to continuous noise and music. When there is loud music or noise, they show signs of discomfort and stress. Always try to keep them in an area having low volume sounds or music.

As humans also don’t like music beyond a specific limit. We can assume the same in the case of turtles.


So, you see, music can have a substantial impact on your turtle’s mood. However, it would help if you were careful with the tones you are playing near your turtle. I hope this article was super interesting for you and helped you treat your little pet better. In case of any other questions, you may comment down or contact us. We would be happy to help.