Do Turtles & Tortoises Fart? Everything You Need To Know.

Do Turtles & Tortoises Fart Everything You Need To Know.
Written by Mehwish Imtiaz

You came surfing to this article after seeing bubbles popping out of your turtle ‘s back. Or you might be wondering why your tortoise is spraying white stuff in the tank. Or you may have just owned one and is surprised by seeing it passing gas.

Farting ability in turtles and tortoises is not that well known. However, this behaviour is pretty well known in herpetologists or those in close proximity to these pets. This article also aims to answer all the questions relating to passing out gas in turtles and tortoises. We will be discussing every fact, and if you could know something about your pet’s health from this. So, keep reading this exciting topic until the very end and tell me if you are surprised by any facts.

Yes, tortoises and turtles can fart. The frequency, pitch, intensity, sound all can be the same as humans. Passing out the gas through the rectum removes all the extra gas that is built as a result of build-up during eating, inhaling, metabolizing, and movement.

Although all the other aspects of a turtle fart can be variable, one thing that remains constant is a pungent odour. You may find this behaviour strange and sometimes also think how this little being can accumulate so much gas inside. However, this simple behaviour is very useful for its living and keep its gut function in a healthy way.

How Do You Recognize A Turtle’s And A Tortoise Fart?

If you are new to turtle’s, farting in them can be funny and strange. You might not be able to differentiate and even confuse it with some other things.

However, there are some simple tricks that can help you know a gas release from the turtle’s abdomen

Bubble Trails

Check for the bubble train from your turtle’s back in the water. Yes, it is it farting!

Similarly, if you submerge a tortoise in water (under supervision), you can also observe the trail. Tortoises and turtles love being in the water. The water thrust relaxes their body. Therefore they prefer to eliminate the fluids.

You may keep an eye on your pet next time it goes for a nice leisurely swim. Usually, you don’t have to wait much.


Like humans, turtle’s and tortoises also produce sound when they fart. The intensity can be low to high depending on the pressure and intensity. Similarly, if your pet is engulfing too much air, it will mostly produce loud farts.


Tortoise and turtle’s farts have a very bad odour. Even if you do not recognize any above sign, but some instant strong fishy odour in the room, it is your little pet farting.

Farting can be indicative of multiple health conditions, especially those related to the gut. Therefore, it is always a nice idea to know the pattern and common behaviour of your pet. Notice if they are getting too excessive, or the pattern is changed. A regularity of any particular pattern indicates the best of health in animals.

Reasons For Farting In Turtles And Tortoises

Farts usually happen when the animal has built up enough extra gas in the system that should be released. Otherwise, this gas can disrupt the normal functioning of the gut and can also reach a toxic level. The most evident effect when an animal cannot release gasses from the gut is incomplete and slow digestion.

So, you see, normally farting in turtle’s is very necessary to keep them healthy. However, excessive is a point of concern. You need to look at which things are involved in producing so much gas in the gut.

Excessive Farting In Turtles

The following can be some reason for excessive farting in turtles.

  • Quick Eating:

If your turtle or tortoise is eating quickly and is not chewing the food properly, it is also engulfing too much air. Moreover, the gut, while breaking large chunks, also produce a lot of gas. The air can then interrupt the digestion process.

  • Food Choices

Some foods also produce more gas in their digestion than others. So, using them can excessively in diet introduce a serious abnormal pattern in farting behaviour. These foods are

  • Broccoli
  • Cabbage
  • Cauliflower
  • Brussel Sprouts
  • Other vegetables of this category.

Not only do these vegetables make pet’s fart excessively, but they also produce foul-smelling farts.

  • Water

Tortoise and turtles also get gas from the water in which they swim or drink. During drinking, they tend to engulf a lot of air. This air is then excreted out in fart.

If the tank water is dirty and has a lot of external communities of living organisms, your pet will fart excessively. Moreover, the smell will also be whiffy.

Where Do Turtles And Tortoise Fart From?

Tortoise and turtle’s fart from their anus located on their backside. The rectum and anus are the same places from where the faecal matter is eliminated.

So, like there is some really quirky question that if the turtles poo from the mouth, there is a myth about farting too. Let us address it here before going ahead.

A little myth-busting here: this question is commonly due to the belief that turtles poop from their mouths. Gross right? Turtle experts debunking this myth believe that this false belief originated from the fact that Chinese soft-shell tortoises pee through their mouths.

Can Tort And Turtles Get Bloated?

Bloating due to food or excessive intake of air can happen in tortoises and turtles. Usually, bloating is seen around the fore and hind legs, head and neck. The presence of a heavy shell also contributes to the bloating in these pets. Seeking a bit of professional advice from a vet helps solve the matter in a better way than trying to self diagnose matter wrong.

For Your Information:
Most of the people cofuse bloating in their pets with obesity. Remember that tortoise and turtles are food beggers. Even with full stomachs they ask for food. So, you need to be very careful with what you feed you pet tortoise or turtle.

As a general rule, you need to feed your pet equal to its head. This rough estimate of quantity is right amount that can completely fill the stomach and keep the metabolism running in the right fashion.

Do Turtles And Tortoise Fart From Their Mouths?

No, turtles and tortoises do not fart from their mouths. The myth evolved from the related myth; Do tort and turtles defecate from their mouth? Tortoise and turtles have two-way openings of their digestive tract. A mouth is meant to take things inside the gut, and the anus aims to take the excreta out. Therefore, neither do turtles or tortoises poo or pee from their mouth, nor do they fart. Only cloaca is aimed for this very task.

Do Turtles Breathe Out Of Their Butts?

Cloacal or rectal respiration is a type of breathing in some species of tortoise and turtle. In this type, these animals take oxygen in from their cloaca instead of their mouths. This happens when there is not enough oxygen in the air, or alone pulmonary breathing is not enough.

Some species of frogs, sea cucumbers, fish, and salamanders also adopt this way of respiration.


Let us conclude our discussion. Yes, turtles and tortoise fart. The farting behaviour in these pets is more or less similar to that of humans. Therefore, the intensity, sound, and smell can vary from time to time. The biggest giveaway in noticing the turtles or tortoise farting behaviour is seeing the trail of bubbles rising from its back.

A turtle’s fart can also tell about the health of its gut. If you are noticing too excessive farts, it can be a matter of concern. Adopt the tips we explained in the above sections. If you cannot comprehend the problem, taking a quick visit to the vet is always the best option.

I hope this article helped you answer your query. In case of any other questions, you may comment below. We would be happy to help.