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Pets are humanizing. They remind us we have an obligation and responsibility to preserve and nurture and care for all life.

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Can Bearded dragons Swim

Can Bearded Dragons Swim?

When you are new to bearded dragons, you must be very excited to know the behavior and abilities of your pet. Discovering the unique skills of your reptile can be…

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Do frogs have ears How do they hear

Do Frogs Have Ears? How Do They Hear?

Like other senses, hearing is equally essential for humans and animals. A frog also needs hearing senses to communicate with other members of its species. The hearing ability of frogs…

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Do Frogs Shed Their Skin & Eat It

Do Frogs Shed Their Skin & Eat It?

Shedding is a common phenomenon in frogs. This process is to get rid of stiff and dry skin and make a new one. Frogs are particularly frugal when it comes…

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Do Rabbits eat their babies

Do Rabbits Eat Their Babies?

Recently, I got an interesting query by email. This bunny pet owner is really super depressed by seeing the bun parents eating their own cute little babies. So, I decided…

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