How To Litter Train A Rabbit – A Complete Guide

How To Litter Train A Rabbit - A Complete Guide
Written by Mehwish Imtiaz

Litter training your rabbit means teaching it to use a specific box to pee or poo.

Rabbits are naturally inclined to using a single place for excretion. However, if you want them to use your selected place, you need to invest a bit of effort to train them for it. It is more like potty training your bun just like your other furry fellows, e.g., dogs, cats, etc.

In this article, we are going to discuss all litter training for a rabbit. What supplies you need and all the other aspects you need to care about.

How To Litter Train A Rabbit?

Training rabbits to use litter boxes for their waste is an easy possibility. Rabbits are naturally groomed well mannered, and tidy animals. So, they can be trained quite well and quickly.

Steps Of Litter Training A Bunny:

Here are the 4 simple and basic steps you need to follow when you aim for litter training your rabbit

  1. Put the litter box in the cage where your rabbit is used to pooping or urinates. Rabbits usually excrete in corners no matter the box is present or not. Locate its favorite corner and make it its toilet spot. 
  2. Put a layer of pellets in the litter box. Secondly, you can put some hay to make it attractive for your rabbit. Hay is the basic food for the rabbit. It may seem gross, but your rabbit will also like to munch on the hay from the litter box. Do not worry. It will not harm your bunny in any way.
  3. Keep multiple boxes around the house. You can place one or two in the cage, one in the playing area. You may also in any other place in the house where your rabbit usually go. In this way, your bunny will get used to it. When your bunny is trained, you can lessen the number of boxes.
  4. Make your rabbit use the litter box. Keep putting it in the litter for 10 minutes during the physical exercise or playing. Physical movement moves the bowels. This will create an urge to defecate. Your rabbit will surely use it if needed.

How Long Does It Take To Litter Train Your Rabbit?

It usually takes a week or two to litter train your rabbit completely.

Although litter training a rabbit is a simple and easy task, it requires time as well. The successful training also depends on the types of rabbits. Easy-going rabbits are usually fully toilet trained in 15 days. At the same time, those naughty ones require much more time. Some rabbits also try to boss around. They will always try to pee or poo on your couch. So, you need to pay a lot more attention to them.

Why Is My Rabbit Pooping Outside The Litter Box?

There is a possibility that your rabbit will poop or urinate outside of the litter box. It can be due to the following reasons:

  1. He is used to that place.
  2. He doesn’t recognize the litter box.
  3. The litter box is unattractive.
  4. Diarrhea
  5. Territorial basis (showing dispute and dominance).

If this happens, simply change the position of the litter box. Put it in the place where he is used to poop. Try this trick. If it does not work, then be patient. Give him time to get trained. Don’t pressurize him; otherwise, it will make your rabbit stressed. Also, try to make the litter box more attractive for your bun, so it gets its attention. Here is how you can do it.

Tips To Consider While Litter Training A Bunny:

Here are a few points that should be taken into account for the training of your bunny:

  1. It is essential to have a big cage for your rabbit. Place the litter box in your rabbit’s cage. The cage must have a playing area. It will become a lot easy to for the bunny to use the litter box.
  2. You can also use litter materials. They are cheap and are easily available in pet stores.


Some litter materials are used to remove the waste smell. It is recommended that you use alfalfa, citrus, or paper.

  1. Avoid using post-toxic litter materials. Because sometimes, the little bunny also spends some time laying or moving in the litter box. If the materials become toxic after usage, it can cause damage to your rabbit.
  2. If you want to move your rabbit to a new spot, it can be pretty challenging if your pet is rigid. It will try to excrete out of the box or in its favorite place. If you see excreta around the flour, wipe them off with the paper and place the same paper in the litter box. This will give it an idea of where the deed should be done.
  3. Always be patient with litter training. Every rabbit takes its own time. For example, rabbits start moving their tails or constraining them in a more seated position whenever they want to defecate. You may also watch the moves of your rabbit carefully and place it in the litter box as soon as it wants to excrete.
  4. Another most significant reason why rabbit is pooping everywhere is when it is marking its territory. Desexing your rabbit will help with this if you do not plan to continue the breeding process.
  5. If your rabbit always defecates on your couch, you may also use snappy trainers. Place the snappy trainer on the couch. It will lift quickly and produce a sharp, snappy sound when your rabbit bumps on it.
  6. You may also hang the hay feeder next to the litter box. The rabbit will have to hop in the box to reach the hay. In this way, it will get more used to the litter box.

How Often Do You Need To Clean The Litter Box Of Your Rabbit?

Try to clean the litter box of your bunny once every 2 days.

Cleanliness is very important when it comes to rabbits. They are naturally tidy pets. If the litter box is not properly cleaned, it will seem unattractive to your rabbit. As a result, it will poop outside the box. Also, leaving moisture for too long will increase the chance of infestation and the growth of harmful bacteria. As your rabbit also eats the hay from the box, you better take care of the cleanliness of that area.

Steps To Make Box Attractive Towards Your Rabbit:

If your rabbit is not inclined to using the box a lot, you can draw its attention towards it. There can be several ways of getting your bun’s litter box attractive. Some that are most workable are:

  1. Put some treats or hay for your rabbit to munch on.
  2. Keep it clean.
  3. Add in a rabbit toy.
  4. Make it bright and more visible.
  5. Relocate it to the favorite position of your bunny. Once it is used to using the litter box, you can then change the position.

What Is The Best Age To Train Your Rabbit For Litter Boxes?

There is no specific age. In fact, you can train your rabbit at any age. Adult rabbits, however, are easy to train than young ones.

You can say youngsters are a bit naughty, frequent, and careless. Old ones are more groomed, developed and do not find training difficult.

Can I Use A Cat Litter For My Bunny?

Yes, you can use cat litter with preventive measures. Only use cat litters that are safe for rabbits.

Cat litters usually have clay or paper. Rabbits usually like to eat from their litter box. So, in the case of clay litters, they can also ingest a small amount. This can be dangerous for your little bunny. Rabbits cannot vomit, so the clay can cause impaction in the gut.

On the other hand, paper litters are easy and environmentally friendly litters to use for your rabbits.

Can A Pair Of Bunnies Use A Single Litter Box?

Yes, you can use one litter box for more than one bunny. However, it mainly depends on the preference of your bunnies.

If you have two bunnies, make a bigger litter box; otherwise, it can cause problems. Another best option is to put multiple litter boxes to avoid any territorial disputes among little rabbits.

Why My Rabbit Stinks?

The stinking of rabbits is usually due to urine. The smell comprises of distinctive ammonia odor, which gets stronger after urination.

How To Avoid Stink In Bunnies?

To avoid the bad smell of rabbits, you can perform the following points:

  1. Properly clean the bottom of the litter.
  2. If your rabbit has peed on your bed. Wash it immediately to avoid smelling.
  3. The smell can easily be reduced and removed by rinsing the material with white vinegar.
  4. Use litter materials which after use, have a pleasant odor. Hence it will overcome the smell of urine.

Why Is My Rabbit Not Using The Litter Box?

If your rabbit is not using the litter box properly or has another spot for urination. Don’t get stressed. You don’t need to punish him. Simply try rearranging the box place in the cage. Here are few simple steps to follow

  1. Notice where your bunny is urinating.
  2. Place multiple litter boxes around the house.
  3. See if it is marking the territory. In the breeding seasons especially, unsprayed rabbits are difficult to train
  4. See if it is getting rigid and bossy around.
  5. Check if the box is clean and comfortable.
  6. Check if the box provides your pet enough sense of security. Bunnies need a place where they feel comfortable, especially where others cannot see.

Why My Rabbit's waste Dropping Is Everywhere?

Waste droppings sometimes occur occasionally but sometimes due to diarrhea. Consult your veterinarian if it is runny and frequent. Diarrhea can lead to a number of diseases if untreated. It can be detrimental for your pet rabbit. Try changing the drinking water of rabbits. Diarrhea also occurs by drinking contaminated water.

Another possible reason is territorial marking the area as mentioned above.

Advantages Of Litter Training Your Rabbit:

  1. The hutch of the rabbit will be cleaned all the time.
  2. All the mess and the waste will be accumulated in one area rather than different corners of the house.
  3. As soon as your rabbit is trained. It will be easy for you as you don’t need to monitor him all the time.

Hazardous Litters For Rabbits:

Here are a few litters that are hazardous to rabbits:

  1. Clay litters are dangerous for rabbits.
  2. Some other cat litters can clog the gut after ingestion.
  3. Litters that become toxic post to urination

Supply List For Litter Training Your Rabbit:

Here is the list of items you may need when you are setting up your rabbit’s litter box.

Item Use Recommendation
Litter Box
Go for a medium-sized box for an adult bunny. For the baby bun, opt for a more shallow option.

The Litter Box By Calpamy is one of the best options available in the market. You can also Buy It On Amazon for $29.99

You may also have the cat litter box to serve the purpose.

Petmate cat litter box can be a great option for your rabbit. You can fill it with hay to make it more rabbit-friendly. You can Buy a Petmate litter box on Amazon for $27.73.

Litter Safe For Rabbits
Paper is the best to be used in the litter box. You can use the pellets of recycled newspaper. You may also use straw litter as an alternate. However, straw litter is less absorbent than paper. So, you will have to clean more often. Whichever litter you use, make sure it is dust-free.

Litter by Carefresh is great for rabbits. It also enjoys the best seller rank on Amazon. You may opt for it or go for any other paper litter.

Oxbow wheat straw litter is another popular option you can go for. You can Buy It On Amazon for $19.12

Hay is an important part of the litter box. Make sure you place enough in the box.

You can get the hay from your local farm or can order it online.
Oxbow Timothy Hay is a good option for your rabbit on Amazon.

Hay Feeder
If your rabbit is not getting used to the litter box, you may place a hay feeder close to the litter box. In this way, your rabbit will have to get into the box in order to feed. This will make it more habitual of the litter box.

Rabbit Feeder Hay Bags are best if you want to hang them close to the litter box.
Hay Feeder Bag by Geegods is a pretty economical option. You can Buy It On Amazon for $8.99.

Snappy Trainers
Snappy trainers are of great help if your bun is being rigid. Moreover, they will be of great help to keep your pet away from ruining the furniture.

Hueter Toledo Snappy Trainer is one of the best snappy trainers in the market. You may Buy It On Amazon for $16.99


Litter training is one of the easiest training for rabbits. Rabbits are naturally inclined to using a single space for defecation. If you provide them a comfortable litter box, they will get used to it quickly. However, if your rabbit is stubborn, do not panic. Let it learn things at its own pace.

I hope this article helped clear all the queries regarding litter training a rabbit. In case of any other confusion, you may comment below. We would be happy to help.