Why Does My Bunny Stare At Me? Common Reasons.

Why Does My Bunny Stare At Me Common Reasons.
Written by Mehwish Imtiaz

One of the common behaviors of rabbits is staring with varying body language. The common reasons for “Why does my bunny stare at me” lead to the fact that bunnies stare and show various behaviors which can be comprehended on the basis of their body language. This guide will help in understanding such habits and all their comprehensions.

Following are the most common reason for rabbits’ constant staring.


You smile when you see your loved ones, right. The same goes for pets. Bunnies also stare at their owner out of love or when they feel relaxed. Simply, you can say it indicates their satisfaction and happiness.


It’s a fact when we want to communicate effectively or want attention from someone, and we stare at them so they can talk to us. Your bunny stares at you, showing their urge so you can communicate with them. In the same case, you may be indulged in some work, and your bunny wants some attention which may also be the reason your bunny stares at you.


When you suspect a danger around you, what do you do? You simply get yourself ready to react in each case. Sometimes your bunny may take you as a threat. Thus, it keeps staring at you, preparing itself to secure if necessary.


Your bunny is a kind of guard to you too. Staring at you may mean your bunny is looking you at your back to see if any kind of predator is there to attack you. Bunnies know well about their food chains. They are often looking for each other.


Usually, bunnies stare at you whenever they have food cravings. They want you to treat them and pay attention to their food. It’s an expected behavior of many bunnies.


If you are engaged in an activity before someone, it is always curious for him to know about the activity. Your bunny starts staring at you when you are engaged in a move that may be of their interest or may not urge them for it.


If you keep two bunnies in the same place, they also start grooming each other. One of them stares at the other until it starts grooming.

Grooming Behavior in Bunnies:

When rabbits get along well with each other they groom their friend. It means removing and brushing the fur from hard to reach areas, removing any pests or irritant from the fur and so on. Grooming is also the sign of affection among rabbits which is similar in both wild and domestic arrangements.

How Can You Understand The Body Language Of Your Bunnies?

You can utterly comprehend the staring of your bunny by its body language as they give you clues through their body language. It is just like we can understand the body language of a cat or dog. In general, it is a form of non-verbal communication by your bunnies.

  • Staring at you while lying down is an indication that your bunny is feeling relaxed.
  • If your bunny stares at you while standing upright on its hind legs, it means it is asking for your attention.
  • Staring at you while standing on hind legs is also the case for begging for food. It’s a typical posture when your bunnies are hungry.
  • When you feel your bunny is staring at you with erect ears and is tweaking its nose, you must realize they are having the attention of something and they are asking for your reaction too.
  • Your bunny may also show anger in the form that they keep putting their foot down, making noise, and then the other. This response will be in the case that you misplace their belongings or remove their belongings from their side. 

You know, it is a fact that you start comprehending your pet’s behaviors as you spend a lot of time with them. Every bunny possesses different habits and behaviors, but you understand your bunny’s behavior well. You just have to pay some attention to comprehend them easily.

Should You Be Anxious If Your Bunny Stares At You?

Do you think your pet will harm you? Absolutely not! You should not be worried if your bunny keeps staring at you. This can be taken in two ways positive or negative. Positively, your bunny stares at you, showing a kind of love. It may mean your bunny feels calm around you, or it may be looking at your activity. It makes you glad and feels better.

Negatively, your bunny may be angry or unhappy for some reason. You should counter this by giving it some attention. You should play with your bunny or provide it with some food to eat. You must take care of your activities that may make your bunny feel unhappy.

Is Staring At Your Bunny, In Fact, Sleepiness?

Have you ever noticed your bunny closely while staring at you? You must feel some of the symptoms that will make you realize that your bunny is not actually staring at you but is asleep. This behavior is not typical in all bunnies. Your bunny possesses a virtually transparent third eyelid, generally named the nictitating membrane. Sometimes your bunny closes only the third eyelid and goes asleep.

The reason for this behavior is not that your bunny is unhappy with you, but it is more cautious regarding any predators in the surroundings. It is not all the time that your bunny closes only the third eyelid. It also closes its eyes completely and gets relaxed. While your bunny is asleep, you might feel some snoring sounds. While sleeping, your bunny is still, relaxed, and is breathing deeply. Thus, when you feel that your bunny is staring at you, just look out for its behaviors and realize what your bunny is doing.

Does Your Bunny Have Some Senses That You Don't?

Do you ever feel that your bunny has some extra senses making them special? Being prey animals, bunnies are naturally alert all the time, and in this case, whenever there are some changes in their surroundings, they may feel harmful. Bunnies are sensitive to these kinds of changes to a great extent. You must have noticed your bunnies staring not only at you but also at walls and other things in the surroundings. Do you think they can seek something that you can’t? Even normal changes in your surroundings may make your bunny circumspect.

Bunnies have a strong sense of hearing as well as smell that they use to look out for any danger around them. If your bunny is staring at you, it may make you attentive to hear something around or be alert. If you use fragrance, your bunny becomes careful or excited and starts staring at you for your reaction.


Rabbits are very interesting. Their social behaviors are sometimes so mysterious that they leave you in awe. You see, bunny staring behavior can be for different reasons, but there is nothing you need to worry about. Identify the explanations from those mentioned above and act accordingly.

I hope this article answers your query. In case of any other questions, comment below. We would be happy to help.