Why Does My Cat Put His Paw on My Face?

Why Does My Cat Put His Paw on My Face
Written by Mehwish Imtiaz

Cat is the most loving creature, and usually, people like to have it as a pet. Typically, cats want to have companionship, training and walking with you. She needs all these things to get the attention of you as your owner. They need extra care where some cats need more than extra care. They are also very demanding and different just to get the attention of yourself.

There are many feline behaviors that usually, cats do in front of the owner. These feline behaviors are kneading, purring, scratching. Other actions are biting, licking, sleeping, at the foot of the owner, nibbling on the human fingers. All these behaviors are common in cats, along with putting the paw on the owner’s face.

This is also the most beautiful behavior with the help of which the cat seeks the attention of the owner.

Sometimes, the cat repeats this beautiful reaching in the hope that the owner will also react towards it, brush it, or shows some affection.

When your cat is putting his paws on your face, then it clearly depicts that he wants to communicate with you. He also wants to remind you how much he loves you and cares for you. Putting the paws on your face lets the cat trying to tell you something. Sometimes, your pet wants to get your attention with his tender touch

Show affection

As you all know, in humans, the people show specific actions to show love towards each Other. Just as you kiss your baby to show your affection, similar is the case with your cat. So the cat put his paws on your face to show love towards yourself. So when you take him in your lap, he ultimately touches to show affection to you.

Playing with you

There comes a time when he gets to reach out to you and then runoff. This is the way she wants to engage you in a game. At this time, when the cat feels bore and does not have any toy to play with. Then, ultimately she will come to use to play with you. So when you take him in your arms, then he will put his paws on your face and then runoff

Copy your Petting actions

As it is also typical behaviour that cats copy our actions like how we sit, stand, and behave. So the cats, when seeing us, mimic back at us. When we touch the face of the cat or stroking him, then ultimately, he behaves in the same way. There comes the time when the cat put his paws on your face as he shows his love and affection by mimicking your gestures.

Getting the trust

As we all know that when we are in a relationship, then trust is the main factor on which we are emphasizing. Similar is the case with the relationship with your pet. So, when we are showing confidence towards our pet, then the pet returns to us by showing different reactions.

We can also say that perhaps he or she is catching us by putting his or her paw near our face without scratching. So, in addition to showing trust towards the owner, he might be testing us whether the owner likes him or not.

Feels your face as A comfortable place

Usually, when we feel tired, we stretch your bodies. Also, when humans or cats awake in the morning, they stretch their bodies. Cats also love to stretch, as stretching is suitable for their health. With the help of stretching, cats are relieving their tensions.

So when your cat stretches his body and puts his on your face, then he feels your face as a most comfortable resting place. He feels so much convenient when you show love towards him as a reaction. Your face serves as a soft and pretty padded place if a cheek or a nose is picked.

Your face is the closest path for stretching his paw

Usually, the cats stick their arms straight while stretching to demand cuddles. Actually, the cat is demanding a cuddle when the owner cuddles him straight after. Then the cat will ultimately please and show the affectionate behaviour.

One of the reasons, when the cat put his paws on your face, is that he wants to play with you and, therefore, get engaged in playing.

Actually, it is the behaviour of the cat that he stretches towards the owner affectionately. My cat also loves me a lot and stretch towards me when I am sitting on my sofa. This is the time when he is already snuggled up next to me happily. At this time, my face happened to be lying in the spot when he wants to reach me affectionately. So when my face comes near the cat, he will put his paw on my face instead of my leg or hand. All this is because he is showing extreme love towards me.

To snuggle up to you

Usually, the cats who love their owners sleep next to them on their bed. My cat also feels more secure when he sleeps next to me. It is the cats’ common behavior when they sleep with their owners; they touch your face with their paw without biting them. It also shows that the cat is showing trust towards his owner while sleeping with him.

So, when your cat sleeps with you and shows certain gestures, such as stretching out her paws and touching your face, nose, and cheeks, it ultimately shows his love and trust towards you. This is the time when he wants to snuggle up to you.

Scent glands

Many people don’t know about this thing that cats have scent glands at the bottom of their feet. Usually, the scent glands in cats are used to claim their territory.

This case, when the cat is putting his paws on your face, is showing that while touching your face, he may be putting his scent on you to show how much he adores you. When he put his paws on your face, then ultimately he will be snuggling up to you.

Waking Up his Owner

As I also discussed earlier, that cats love to sleep with their owner. When he goes to sleep, then before sleep, he put his paws on the owner’s face. Similarly, when he woke up, and the owner is sleeping, he will ultimately put his paw on the owner’s face and wake him up.

So this also shows a good way of waking up his owner as well as showing his affection towards the owner in the morning sunshine.

This is because the cats usually approach a relaxed owner. Along with putting on the owner’s face, he also stretches out his paws and soft-touch the owner’s face.


When you have the cat as a pet in your home, he or she will show affection towards you in a number of ways. This is called feline behavior. In feline behavior, there are a number of ways in which the cat shows his love towards you. Putting his paws on your face is one of these feline behaviors. There are certain reasons why the cat put his paws on the owner’s face. It might be showing his love towards you or gaining trust.