Why My Cat Not Eating Much But Acting Normal?

Why my cat not eating much but acting normal
Written by Mehwish Imtiaz

Cats love eating throughout the day. However, you have to face a situation where your cat is not a craving for food. The case made you worried even if the cat is acting normal and doing other activities without any expression of fatigue.

It is quite a confusing situation to deal with. At first, You have to find out the real reason behind this attitude of my cat. Cats are sometimes stubborn and fussy about meal choices, so not eating sometimes can be just a rigid attitude.

You need to rule out the real cause look beside the psychological issues if the problem persists for more than three days. The underlying health conditions could be the possible reason for the loss of appetite.

If the cat is feeling discomfort in eating and it can be visible due to changes in eating patterns. A few medical conditions can cause loss of appetite in cats. Let us have some discussion about these ailments.


Your cat may lip smack the food and walk away without eating—the frequent lip-smacking when food is presented to a cat when there is a possible sign of nausea


Cats suffering from infected mouth or gum will feel uncomfortable during eating. Some hidden spinal injuries can also make eating difficult for cats. 

In this situation, a thorough medical examination by a veterinarian can help you to find out the physical discomfort of the pet. Other than chewing might be the cat is having some fracture that is preventing him from eating well.

Digestive issues

Gastrointestinal issues can make a cat lose natural appetite. Pancreatitis is a chronic inflammation that can occur on the membrane of the colon. It could be a possible reason for the cat’s changing mood about food. Other than this, stomach and intestine pain caused by blockages through foreign bodies can affect the animal’s health. Kidney disease may be the culprit of nausea when the cat is not vomiting but feeling heavy with an empty stomach.

Cats are usually easy to notice while changing their eating habits. Owners have to be vigilant about the well being of the pet as the sick cats can show regular physical activity as the healthy ones. The studies have proved that cats with chronic illnesses tend to perform even more active than healthy ones. It is shocking to know about the pet’s underlying health condition with a regular, intense routine.

Psychological Issues

Cats are super sensitive to their surroundings, any sudden change in the environment, and the resident may cause them anxiety. They can refuse to eat if suffering from depression, and their emotional insecurity can make them anxious enough to stop taking food.

A recent journey by plane or car can suffer the cat by motion sickness, and it will take some time to recover and get back to the healthy eating routines. Changes in all the surroundings lead to psychological pressures for a pet, and he needs some time to get familiar with new faces and places.

How to change the routine?

  • Are you still trying to buy dry cat food brands for your picky cat? Why not get some wet variety of food this time, prefer to purchase small containers so you would not end up throwing them all.
  • Here you need to be a bit creative with the help of a vet, both of you can mix a variety of ingredients to provide something different to your cat. After a few experiments, you will be able to know better about the cat’s food choices.
  • You can buy small portions from various brands to understand more about food preferences. After a few servings, you will be able to decide which taste your cat craves. Wastage of money on a large number of meals without knowing about the feeling can only frustrate you in the future, and you will regret throwing it over when the cat is not going to like the taste.
  • Keep the feeding bowls at a clean place; make sure other pets and cats are not giving the feeling of insecurity to the kittens. Sometimes pets in the same house fight over food that can leave small ones in distress by the big cats or dogs.
  • Look at the container’s size, shallow with a full bottom bowl, which can help the cat feed well. A clean container with fresh food will attract the animal towards food while stale or rotten sides of the meal bowl can give unpleasant feelings, so it starts avoiding eating.

How to work for the improvement of eating habits of cats?

If you have to look upon all the essential factors that can disturb your cat’s appetite but find no clue, it’s time for medical attention. The serving bowl is clean, and the place is comfortable enough for the cat to eat correctly, but it is not unusual. Visit the vet to discuss all the aspects of the well being of the cat.

Use of supplements

Your vet can help you select the supplements and adjust the quantity with the regular servings. You will have to be in contact with the expert to discuss the progress of eating habits gradually.


Some cats are too stubborn to handle, and they might be trying to grab your attention for some time. The emotional bonding of animals can turn quickly into distress if they are not getting sufficient time from you. There is a possibility that you must be busy in your professional or personal life and not spending enough time with the pet.

Spend fun time

Play with him for some time, make him happy and joyful, take a small portion of the meal on hand, and serve him. It will help the cat to come out of any anxiety if he has.

Balance diet

Some canned food such as liver and tuna can prove appetite boosters for cats while you have to be careful about the quantity. It is better to decide the ideal amount according to the cat’s nutritional requirements after discussing it with the doctor. Canned food must be used after warming or mixing up in some other food items. Be careful if the cat is not eating at a time don’t serve that food later; maybe it is stale or hardens enough to refrain his appetite.

What else I need to know about the eating habits of my cat?

It is crucial to notice that some time animals go through a period of going off their food for no specific reason. There is a possibility that cats spend the whole day sleeping and didn’t feel any need to fill up calories. Even on the very next day, he can come to you starving for food and eat down the whole meal in a few minutes. The behavioral patterns are not abnormal in pets, as they might get bored of the same taste and smell of food and craving for some change.  

Some recent studies discovered visible changes in cats’ habit as aggression and yelling with the house members due to new pets coming home. This stress can be related to the cat; she is feeling ignored due to the new member’s entry. Try not to change his shelter place easily so she can feel comfortable in his own space. Minor changes in the surroundings can lead cats to react aggressively by hissing and yowling for weeks. It will include shunning eating schedules that can get worse if not paid attention timely.

Where is it getting into something serious?

Cat is not willing to eat after a full day long; this is something to notice for serious action.

The cat is looking lethargic with less physical activity. It is the possible warning sign for chronic health problems related to kidney, liver or respiratory tract infections.

Don’t force him to eat, better to follow a planned schedule for divided meal sections. It will help you identify the possible changes in his eating habits. If he is not willing to eat the given food, forcing him to do so will never be an excellent approach to deal with, as it could only be a tantrum to seek attention. Be patient and maintain a calming attitude towards the rigidness, you here needs to observe things to find anything unusual happening during his daily routine.

Obese cats can suffer from hepatic lipidosis that may prove to be fatal if left untreated; this fatty liver syndrome can affect the natural digestive system by reducing natural appetite. This problem needs to identify through the expert veterinarian, and timely treatment can prevent life-threatening conditions.

Make precise observations about the choices of the meal, might be the only love to have dry meals, or he likes to eat something more fresh than preserved food? Well, some foods lose their quality as far as you change the container. Check the quality of food to know that it is not stale due to instructions not appropriately followed.  


Adopt a pet and take care of all his needs is challenging with the emotional twist and turns. The cat will not feel homey as the changing environment will affect him profoundly, as humans have to adapt according to their surroundings. A new kitten at home will take a few days to adjust to eating meals. You have the responsibility to make things regular and less chaotic by making proper arrangements for providing food to your cat. All he wants is your care, love, and attention, which is vital for the emotional well being of the cat to full fill nutritional requirements by eating properly.