Can Frog Eat Mouse?

Can Frog Eat Mouse
Written by Daniel Paul

Let’s first answer the question in the first go: Will frogs eat mice?

Most of the larger species like bullfrogs can easily eat mice. However, for small frogs eating mice or rats is never preferable.

You know frogs are omnivores just like humans. Even they can share human foods! (Know more: What Human Foods Can Frog Eat?)

However, they fall more in the category of opportunistic feeding. This means they eat a wide variety (literally everything and anything) which is mostly decided upon the availability of the food. In this class, we have planktons, insects, worms, small animals like rats, mice, etc.

Recently, I saw a feed on Instagram of a pet owner being surprised when his frog chased a mice just like a cat and ate it with ease. People were curious to know if it is okay for it and do it need any medical help after that. Moreover, if eating mice is safe for frogs, can we feed frozen mice to give a nutrition-dense diet to our pet friends.

So, let us talk about mice and rats in frogs’ diets. Which type of frogs can eat them safely and how you can play with this fact.

Frogs always swallow their food. This means they do not happen to chew or kill food first. In the case of mice, frogs constrain it in the mouth and suffocate it. It may seem brutal and a slow killing painful process but this is the safest way for the frogs to eat big live creatures.

Moreover, they can then easily engulf the body as a whole. The frog’s gut is strong enough to then perform the rest of the digestion work.

Which Frogs Eat Mice?

Not all the frogs love to have mice in the dinner. Only the larger species can safely have small animals like rodents in their diet.

Moreover, it is to be noted that no frog prefers having mice or rodents if they have other small food options. It is because they are difficult to prey, swallow and digest. However, if a mouse happens to pass their way multiple times, this will motivate them enough to prey on it.

Following are the most common species of pet frogs that can safely eat mice.

  1. Pixie frog (African Bullfrog)
  2. The tomato frog
  3. The White’s Tree Frog
  4. Amazon Milk Frog
  5. The Budgett Frog
  6. The Pacman Frog
  7. Green tree frog

Other than these other frogs species also tend to prey on mice that can fit in their mouth.

Along with the problem of fitting in the mouth small frogs can not chase mice fast enough. And for large frogs, are capable of preying on literally everything that fits in their mouth. Some frogs are even seen eating live snakes! Rodents are also common prey for large frogs. However, smaller frog species cannot take risk of these delicious treats.

Can You Feed A Captive Frog With Mice?

Hell, yes! You can easily feed a larger pet frog species with mice. If you see your frog has a throat and gut capable enough to handle a whole mouse, you can throw it in. However, make sure you take the very slow start and go with smaller mice before going for small rats. Large frog species can even swallow a big rat too! So, you always go with the size and capability of your frogs.

You can then increase the size according to the feasibility. Pinkies are abundant in pet markets. However, make sure you always feed live mice to your frog. Make sure the size is small enough to fit in the throat so your pet can swallow it easily.

Let us go for a rule of thumb for deciding the size of mice for your frog:

The size of a frog should never be greater than the frog’s head.

This rule is great to avoid any impaction in the intestine, gut, and throat.

And obviously, how can you forget the balance in the diet. Mice and rats can be mixed as a part of the treat in the daily diet. These preys are full of proteins and essential nutrients that could not be found artificially. Moreover, do not let your frog decide the size of mice. They always go for the risk which can even become fatal for them.

Also, if your pet is not much fond of mice, never force it. Let the natural call play the role and decide the best for its beings.

Which Frogs Do Not Eat Mice?

Most of the frog species especially those of small sizes do not like having mice in their diet. For example, dart frog, common frog, red-eyed frog, etc do not usually eat mice or rats.

The frog species which are not very much into eating rodents or other animals for nutrition make up the deficit by feeding on a lot of snails, worms, and insects. If you have any of these frogs you can feed them any of their favorite insects include moths, worms, crickets, flies, moths, mealworms, roaches, etc.

Why Do Frogs Eat Rats And Mice?

Rodents including rats and mice are a great source of energy for frogs. Frogs live in an environment where competition is quite something. They have to compete for the habitat along with the food. Therefore, having a large animal in the meal provides better sustenance and keeps them full for hours.

Although mice are a great nutrition source, having them poses a great risk. This fast-moving prey is not only difficult to catch but it can also hurt the frog a lot before finally succumbing. Therefore, it is more like risk over benefit where the benefit outweighs in the case of large frogs. Having a single mouse of medium size gives nutrition equal to one thousand crickets to the frog. So, you see why frogs want to take that risk.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Do Bullfrogs Eat A Mouse?

Yes, Bullfrogs not only eat mice but also rats! Bullfrogs are one of the best hunters in the frog family. They have strong jaws and a pretty long stride length. They weigh more than 1.8 pounds and grow up to 8 inches. Therefore, they can safely get a hold of this small prey, suffocate and then swallow it.

  • Will Toads Eat Mice?

Yes, The same rule applies to toads as well. The larger-sized toads can easily prey on mice. Mice become one of the healthiest sources of nutrition for toads as they tend to live in an environment with high competition.

  • Do Green Frogs Eat Mice?

Green Tree Frogs are surprisingly vigilant and sharp enough to prey on small mice. However, preying on rats is beyond their capabilities.


Large frogs can safely eat mice and even rats. However, for small frogs, the risk is far too greater than the benefit so they avoid such animals. Frogs usually prey on insects. Rodents and other small animals are never their preference. However, if they come in their way a lot, or in the case of food scarcity, these small preys are no less than a luxurious treat.

I hope you have all your questions answered by the end of this article. If you want me to talk about any specific topic, comment below or contact us through email. I would love to share my experience and knowledge.