What Does It Mean When A Cat Winks At You?

What Does It Mean When A Cat Winks At You
Written by Emma Watson

Like human beings, when they use body language to show their expressions, cats like to share a feeling with winking eyes. It usually happens as the cat’s weird eye movement as your kitty can slowly close one eye before she opens it again. 

There could be several reasons for CAT winking the eyes.  The most compelling reason is the means of communication; merely, the cat is trying to convey sincere expression.  Cats being the sensitive creature have many other ways to demonstrate emotions while using their body talking especially with tail, ears, and eyes.

 Secondly, it could sign any growing infection that can occur with some related symptoms such as ocular discharge, irritation, inflammation, and redness in the eye membrane.

So, how to conclude the statement? Several possibilities are there to make assumptions about this happening about your cat. Still, the better approach is to study your pet’s behavior carefully to identify the cause of the regular winking habit of your cat.

Wink Is A Kind Of Cat Kiss

It might be the lovely day of your CAT flirting with you; this communication method is famous as a cat kiss; this magnificent animal can blink an eye to complement its owner with love.  It is a positive indicator showing the deep attachment that these furry pets love to demonstrate as a token of gratitude in the response of your unconditional love and care.

Do My Cat Winks Due To Anxiety?

After many years of experience, some feline experts observed that one eye wink show a different emotion compared to friendly to its slow blinking.  They believe that one eye wink is a sign of anxiety and sadness; your cat is trying to hide her feelings of emotional anxiety by suppressing her feelings.  While a soft gesture of two eyes winking 

Sometimes the cats are genuinely upset, which can be resolved by talking sympathetically and telling them about your understanding. If your cat is angry due to your rash behavior in the past few days, you can console the poor kitty by cuddling and showing your sympathies.

How To Console Anxious Cats

As you try to be affectionate with your household cat and want to develop a certain comfort level with each other, there are few things you should consider

Provide several cat parches at different places in the house, especially in the main sitting room where you relaxed mostly. Perhaps you have many cats to manage better to give each of them their private sitting space to relax. In this way, the pets will have the chance to enjoy their own space with less competition.

Develop Cordial Relations

During sometime of the day, probably in the evening, spend fun playtime with your feline friends, give everyone a chance to participate. It is vital to develop a healthy relationship among the younger and older ones if cats belong to various age groups. During play, encourage the older one to come near the younger kitten but not too near, keep a safe distance to avoid injuries.

Spend Ample Time

Giving a chance to show them their worth as it will develop a sense of sharing by progressing into a strong bond of love among all family members. Try to use different toys while playing with them as it will reduce undesirable competition to create anxiety. During playtime, if you notice both age groups trying to be friendly without showing any aggressiveness, reward them.

Follow Routines

Cats are quite sentimental when talking about the emotional side of life, and they are strongly connected to regular habits as a part of daily routine. Feeding, speaking, and playing with them at the very same time every day can give cats a feeling of security. It expects yesterday’s event on the next day same time probably they have instincts to follow routines.

Give More Attention To Adult Cats

Cats are prone to seek attention from their human family members. Kittens mostly enjoy extra attention due to their small size, which your elder one will notice. For this reason, spend ample time with the adult cat, try to be around it, cuddle him, at him and be demonstrative towards showing your care. Play with a kitten when the cat is not around; here, your part is tricky about dividing time within your entire feline family.

Why Does My Cat Wink At Me

If you have been living with cats lately, you probably felt your cat winking at you many times. Your sweetie pie, cuddling in your lap, or might be sitting in another corner of the room but fixing eyes on you. Some cats would like to give a fantastic charm with their looks as they will start with

Your Cat May be Sleepy

You may also assume that your cat is sleepy when this slow blink occurs. It is also quite a logical reason for the cats to wink. Well, nobody can deny that this expression is a vital part of your cat’s communication. It means that she feels secure, supported, and happy and wants to convey these positive vibes as soft eye wink. This movement can be the possible reaction of her tries to fight her sleep; another aspect of this belongs to enjoy being in the trans of relaxation to feel comfortable at your place to indulge in the serenity of peace and love.

Your Cat is Showing Intention of Peace

Cats blink to their group members to let others know that they are not in the fight; everything seems to be calm and composed. All-day spending in playing and running with friends can leave your pet tired, so this wink shows as downing her guards off, no more fun and fights, it’s time to rest. The power struggle with other pet members requires high energy while the cat is now in a lazy mood to just stay on the bed, so wink means here closing the activities for the entire day.

Haws Syndrome And Third Eyelid Of Cats

It may be surprising to see our young, healthy cat with the strange-looking Eyes that can perplex the owner to know the reason.  What is going to happen with your little friend?  As you observe the inner corner of each, I covered with a flap of some kind, and it might be happening for the first time, so don’t look right.  Along with this, the cat seems to be behaving in a very rational way, the same playfulness and active moves. What’s wrong with her eyes showing this word flap?

What is Haws Syndrome

These are probably the sign of a common disease in cats known as Haws Syndrome.  Humans have two sets of eyelids, upper and lower lids, while cats and some other animals have an extra set of islands located in the inner aspect of the eye.  This pilot has a scientific name “nictitating membrane” Nictitate means” to wink” it was around the like a windscreen wiper whenever an animal tries to blink.


Animals that live closer to the ground have more exposure to dust and Debris; the third eyelid works as a natural protective shield.  As animal attempts to blink using upper and lower eyelids but beneath them, third eye light shoot across as an extra physical barrier.  It is not made of skin, and it is a thin membrane as it clicks across the eye’s surface as the way specks of Dirt and lubricates area across the eyeball.  It is the natural cleaning mechanism for this feline creature.


Most pet owners don’t realize the presence of this third eyelid, hiding in a small pocket in the corner of the eye.  To remove this, you have to press down gently on the upper eyelid that will deliberate Li cause to shoot it over the eye’s surface, but it can be risky to do at home, do not recommend trying.  Ask your vet to fix it.

There is an objective relation behind the occurrence of this eye movement in cats. Cat possesses the nictitating membrane, which is also known as the third membrane. This layer is translucent and moves diagonally from the corner of the eye to maintain its natural moisture. This membrane covers up the eye and helps them to see as these are semi-transparent.

Is It Normal If My Cat Winks At Me?

This occurs according to the normal instinct of cats as they occasionally do it.  Probably it is just a struggle to clean something out of their eyes; however, if the cat is winking persistently, it may be due to some underlying condition.  If their third eyelid is visible, your cat is fighting with an infection, and they will probably like to touch their eyes quite often that simply indicate any cause of concern.  If this innocent creator is facing winking for a long time, it should be taken into account.  Better to take your cat for a checkup to the nearest vet. Furthermore, it is vital to notice that cats are more prone to eye diseases than other animals.  Cat showing any signs of infection can suffer worse if not treated on time.

Why My Cat Doesn't Blink While Staring At Me?

This could probably mean that they are taking a keen interest in whatever you are doing at the movement. There is a strong reason that we are doing our routine work and feel no difference about it; cats can see it differently. Another more compelling reason may be seeking your divided attention. However, this behavior is reasonable to expect from a cat still if a cat is starring quite often and giving a depressed look, it needs to dig deeper. Talk to them and spend more time to find any underlying health condition may cause to find desperate help for the wellbeing. It could be the possible feline expression to tell that aging.

What More To Know About Winking?

Some people think about cats as a reserved animal while they believe dogs to be more affectionate. Animals have distinctive features and behavioral patterns, but there is always some meaning for this when your kitty winks.

You may see your cat having direct eye contact with you, but it is not a regular practice and not for every family member. Cats have a special place in heart for some specific person they like to develop eye contact with, as their beloved friend looks at them they will stare in return for few movements that are the most affectionate gesture of this furry creature. 

Does My Cat Love Me?

A cat slowly winks, and right after that looks in another direction shows that it has some suppressed emotions that might be due to your much attention towards other animals. Luckily your pet is not scared of you, just having a burden of insecurity; simply extend your finger towards it to let it sniff. Not showing any action means a frustrated pet, which can react aggressively if not treated with attention to calm their mind. 

Any emotional reaction can’t be counted into definite expressions about her liking for the owner; love is not measured with any calculations; instead, it creates a delicate place to your friend’s warm heart. Unfortunately, your cat can feel deprived of your affection at any stage of life, now the crucial time to prove your worthiness as an honest pet owner.

Bottom line

When your cat winks at you, it is merely a way of showing affection and gratitude. However, this is not always true, as discussed above.  There could also be some other reasons for this persistent habit, and you have to observe to know about its health. Any chronic inflammation could trigger cats to seek urgent attention to their entire physical needs.

Key Takeaways

Why Do Cat Winks?

  • Showing affection: a token of gratitude
  • Anxiety: suffering from trauma
  • Hunger: need feeding
  • Disease: caner or liver infection

Why Do My Cat Winks At Me?

  • Kitty kissing: expression of body language
  • Seeking attention: divert attention from other pets
  • Haws Syndrome: third eyelid dropping
  • Looking to cuddle: require emotional support