Why Do Cats Rub Against You And Then Bite?

Why do cats rub against you and then bite?
Written by Mehwish Imtiaz

Are you one of those cat bite victims whose little pet becomes ferocious soon after displaying affection? Or are you getting your cat nibble after a warm hug or cuddle? The situation can be any, but all of you landing on this page must be perplexed by their furry fellow’s sudden change of behavior.

Cats are one of the most wonderful pets anyone can have. But they can be super mysterious in their actions to the same level. When you own one of them, you will be rattling your brain hundreds of times over their unexpected behaviors, mysterious moves, and super communication skills. In this article, we will also talk about one of these actions by your cat fellow. Why do cats bite soon after the warm display of affection? How will you manage a cat bite? How will you train your cats to behave appropriately? Continue reading till the end, and do not forget to write the important points in your little pet diary.

The reasons for such behavior of your cat may be showing affection for you, bad habits, any kind of aggression, or overstimulation. Rubbing against your body makes her happy. If she bites you, it can be a sign of showing her affection for you. However, this behavior can petrify you as well. Let us talk about all the possible reasons for cats biting after rubbing against their human:


Not all pets express their love in the same way. Cats are one of them. If your kitty loves you a lot, she might end up biting you. Strange, right. Cats love to nibble on all the things they love.

Take the example of the wool ball you give them to play with, or the furry couch in the home, etc. Most of the time, when a cat is biting you just after rubbing is that she loves your cuddles and is showing its affection in return.


Have you ever thought of beating someone when you get frustrated? You must carefully notice your cat when she bites you. Her back ears and dilated pupils show a kind of aggression. Such aggressive behavior may hurt you. Doing acts that are disliked by your pet can also make her aggressive and angry. Avoiding such things may prevent her from biting.

Spoiled Habits

You play with your kitten with your hands and feet. Usually, she takes your hands as toys when being playful. She also bites and scratches them while playing. It spoils her habits. Your cat also shows such behavior when it becomes an adult. It can hurt you as well as your pet. This is the reason that you must use toys when you bring her.


No doubt, your cat loves to be petted by you. But too much petting makes her overstimulated. She gets irritated and tries to run away. She will bite you before going away. It is a warning sign for you. Overstimulation in your pet will lead to avoiding you.

Painful Conditions

Being humans, we try to reduce our pain by beating something or someone. Naturally, cats try to hide their pain. But their behavior can let you know their condition. Your cat will rub against walls, your body, or some other things around her. She will bite you on your hands or feet. If you see her in such a condition, visit a veterinarian in no time.

Why Cats Rub Against You?

Knowing the root cause of the behavior will help you reach the outcome and act in the most appropriate way. Let us discuss the most probable things that can make your cat rub itself against you:

Is Your Cat Scared?

Do you think your mood changes with a change in the environment around you? Yes, that’s true. The same is the case with your pets. The activities around them may make them furious, happy, or scared. Your cat gets scared by a sudden loud noise. If she does something wrong around you, she is most likely to get insulted or punished. This makes her scared too. This is why she tries to move toward you and ask for attention.

Unpleasant Things

A sudden loud noise can scare your pet. Moreover, it is not favorable to catch or grab a cat as it is disliked by her. If you restrain her, she’ll get scared. She will feel like you have done something wrong with her. She doesn’t know that you have grabbed her for affection. If you move swiftly across her, she is most likely to get terrified by it.

Acclimating And Loving

Have you ever thought that you are most likely to move to the person that you like? Cats have unique nature. Their experts say that they start rubbing against your body if they like you. They don’t know which body part is to be rubbed against. However, they will rub against your face the most. If rubbing against you is not the scenario, it may mean that your pet doesn’t like you.

Spreading The Scent

It is awesome to hear that your cat spreads her scent while rubbing against your body or things around her. She is known to have some scent glands that may be located on her paws, tail, cheeks, and forehead. In such a way, she leaves a long-term message for you. Rubbing against your body or other things around you may be a sign of claiming her territory.

Need for something

Do you use some tricks to tell the other person when you need something from him? Your pet will show affection towards you more when she needs something. She starts rubbing against your hands or feet and then bites you there. If you observe, there may be a sign that she needs something from you. It may be for seeking attention from you.

How Can You Keep Your Cat From Biting?

Several ways must be taken into consideration in this regard. They will help you to keep your cat from biting you.

  • Check the surroundings of your cat and notice if anything is disturbing her. Manage the cause of stress right away.
  • Note that cats also react to the changes in their surroundings and become uncomfortable with them. She may feel insecure about a change in your furniture or dislike a particular deodorant. Cats may also be incited by some colors. So, make sure whenever you think about a change in interior design, think about the comfort of your kitty too.
  • Take care of the aspects liked and disliked by your pet. She must not be scared by your activities. Never try to punish her in any case.
  • Look out for the medical reasons due to which she bites you. Visit a vet if there is any kind of problem.
  • She might need your attention or something to play with. Observe her interest in playing with you or toys. Provide her with the toy that she likes.
  • Train your pet not to play with your hands or feet. Rather make her a habit to play only with toys. This will prevent her wild behaviors in normal as well as aggressive moods.
  • Leave her for a few minutes if she is showing aggressive behavior. This technique will help her realize that such behavior is not acceptable.
  • If the vet can’t diagnose the problem, consult a feline behavior specialist who will advise you best in this regard.

Frequently Asked Question:

  • Why Do Cats Lick You Then Bite?

It is a normal way of showing affection to humans. Your pet may rub against your body, lick your face, hands, and feet and then bite you. If you observe any sign of aggression, do consult a vet.

  • Why Do Cats Bite Gently?

Cats usually give love bites. These gentle bites prove their love for you. They tend to bite the only person they like. If they bite gently, it shows they like you and are showing affection.

  • How To Stop Cat Love Bites?

If your cat is biting gently, it shows her love for you. But if her bites are intense, do consult a vet as soon as possible. Moreover, take care of several aspects that may be disliked by her or may irritate her.


Your cat rubs against you and then bites, showing affection. If you observe some signs of aggression, do visit a vet to avoid any harm. She gives love bites to the person she likes. Moreover, you have to take care of her surroundings to make sure she is not scared or irritated by anything. This will help you avoid her biting. Give attention to your pet, and train her in a positive way to save her as well as yourself.