How Long Can A Mouse Live Without Food & Water?

How Long Can A Mouse Live Without Food & Water
Written by Daniel Paul

Mice and rats belong to the family of rodents, but usually, they are a true disaster when they get into your house or apartment. Sometimes, people get irritated by mice or rats because they damage your food and other material present in the house.

If you think that the mouse or rat is present in your home, you can judge it with different signs. For example, if you think that a dead mouse is present around you, then you can judge it with the pungent and very bad rotten egg smell.

You can also judge the presence of the mouse with the help of Mouse faces near the food and water source such as bathroom, kitchen, or pantry.

Rats do not drink frequently.

It is usually seen that the rats and mice depend more on the food supply than the water. However, if we talk about humans and mammals, they can live without food for a longer period and cannot live without water for a long time. 

The mice and rats need a very little amount of water. However, if they have access to water, they use it, but most of the time, they can live with very little water or without water. This article will give you detailed information about the mouse and rat and how long they can live without food and water.

The mice extract the water from the food they usually eat. There is less need for water in mice and rats; therefore, they can survive without the water for several days or more.

How long can a mouse live without food?

How long can animals live without food depends on various factors and also environmental conditions? We, humans, are strong enough to live without food for many days, but the supply of water must remain hydrated.

Mice and rats come in the category of rodents, and for survival, they need hard objects for food. It is your common experience that when you find any mice in your home, you can hear the constantly chewing voice. So usually, the mice chew the hard objects constantly.

According to many experts, mice cannot survive without food for a long time. When the mouse does not eat the meal for some days, it is difficult to survive. You can take this thing as an advantage if you want to get rid of the mice. Keep your cabinets, kitchen, and eating area clean all the time. Make sure that no food is present there.

Usually, the mouse gets the moisture of water from the food they eat. In normal conditions, the mouse can live without food for 6 to 7 days, whereas if the water is not present at all, it can only be 4 to 5 days. Although mice are in the family of rodents, other rodents, including hamsters, can store the food in their cheek pouches. The mouse cannot store the food in their body; therefore, they can survive for only a few days without food.

How long can a mouse live without water?

As discussed earlier, mice usually use the moisture or water present in the food; so if the food is not available, they can live for some time. This is the only condition when the water is also not present along with the food. However, if some amount of water is available, they can survive for quite a long time.

If we talk about desert mice, then it is full of Mice and rats everywhere. Usually, the desert Mouse does not walk to find the water. They eat those insects and plants which contain the liquids. Also, they will find those insects which are nocturnal and stay out of the Sun.

Some people who kept the mouse as a pet put the water bottles in the cages because usually they give the packaged food to the mouse. As we all know, packaged food is completely dry and does not contain water. So, usually, the mouse will look for the water for drinking in that case.

If the food supply is available all the time, the mouse can live without water for months. Sometimes, they do not take a single drink of water for much time. This is such an amazing and astonishing thing which I know about a mouse.

If only water is present and food is not present around the mouse, it will certainly drink the water. So in the absence of food, when only water is available, it will drink the water to survive as survival is the only thing for any creature.

Baby mice are called pups, dependent on the mother’s milk in the first two weeks. They are getting the water from the milk of their mother. So their water needs are fulfilled by the mother’s milk. The pregnant mouse usually needs more water and food than normal conditions. So if the food and water availability is not there, then it is difficult to maintain the pregnancy. 

How long can a rat live without food?

Rats are very active creatures, and the survival of rats without food is critical and depends on certain factors. Rats are considered to be social creatures, and usually, they want to live with other rats. Rats have long ears and long tails than mice.

Just like the squirrels, rats also store their food in the body. But they are dangerous because if the availability of food is not there, they can also chew your furniture or books. So we can say that rats have a strong stomach that even it can digest the wood.

Usually, the rat can survive without food for 1 to 2 weeks. Just like the mouse, the rat also extracts the water from the food they eat. This is the common habit of the rats and mice that they drink very little. However, if the food availability is not there, then ultimately they will go for drinking water.

They are not like humans when they drink water along with the food. However, the pet owners are giving them that dry packaged food in which water is not present. Therefore, they put the water bottles in the cage of rats to drink the water.

How long can a rat live without water?

Rats are somewhat different from mice; however, the people are taking them both as pets. They are not like Guinea pigs or Hamsters. When you take them as a pet, it is quite an experience.

As I also discussed earlier, rats do not require as much water as they need because they get the water from the food they eat.

If we talk about humans, then they are different from the mouse because they cannot live without water for a couple of days. Also, humans can live without food for more than 10 to 12 days.

If the mouse has nothing to eat, then it can survive for two weeks. This is because if there is no food availability, then and it has some reserve to last them for a while. So they are pretty different from the mice because mice cannot store their food, whereas the rats can store the food and can live without food for a longer duration than the mouse.

How long can a baby mouse live without food?

The baby mouse is a harmless creature, dependent on the mother’s milk in the first 2-3 weeks of their birth.

 There are many interesting things about baby mice are that are born blind. They are hairless and also deaf. They are deaf because their ears do not develop. After a week, the ear gets developed, and it can hear them. The lifespan of the mouse is very small, almost two to three years. This is the only reason they mature very quickly, and also, the female mice can deliver the babies at an early age.

The little pups are dependent on the mother for the first 2-3 weeks of life. So they are getting all nourishment through the mother’s milk without the need for any water. After three weeks, the mouse usually goes around here and there in search of solid food as it is in their instinct.

When the mouse searches for solid food, it ultimately extracts the water present in the food. Like the adult Mouse, baby Mouse also manages the water needs from the solid food he eats. So, in the first two to three weeks, their only food is milk. They are getting all the nutrition from the milk. After that, when they grow up, they are dependent on solid food. Also, their water needs are fulfilled by the solid food they are eating.

When the baby mouse is only 1 to 2 days old, then it will not survive without the mother’s milk if the baby mouse is two or three weeks older than it can search for the food.

Some Amazing Facts About Rats

As we all know that rats are nocturnal, so you cannot find them in your home. Rats are considered to be the most active and affectionate animals. They like the company of other mice. If you keep the rat as a pet, then they love being with humans.

  • There are many amazing facts about rats that will surprise you a lot.
  • Black rats are considered superior climbers, and they can climb very high.
  • If you trap a rat and release it after some time, it can run to 4 miles from the release point.
  • When the female rats give birth to their offspring, they can distinguish the sex of the offspring by smelling them.
  • In the whole day, rats eat up to 10% of their body weight, whereas they are more dependent on the food and do not drink much water.
  • This thing is amazing that at one time in a group, 11 to 31% of female rats are pregnant.
  • Their stomachs are so strong that they can even gnaw the wood and paper. The most dangerous thing is that when they chew the wire, they can cause a fire because of the short circuit.
  • One unbelievable thing is that rats can swim. They have the ability to hold their breath for 3 minutes. Some species can swim over a mile.
  • According to experts, if you have a dead rat in your house, you must wear gloves when throwing it. This is because the rats carry the pathogens, which can separate the diseases. These pathogens are also harmful to humans. According to different studies, it is said that Mice and rats can spread more than 30 diseases in humans.
  • Usually, we know some species of rats and mice; however, according to different studies, the rats and mice are available in different types and species. Different scientists admit that there are 56 known species of rats all over the world.
  • You will be amazed to know that its teeth continuously grow. The teeth never stop growing as the teeth of the rat can grow up to 5 inches per year. We all know that rats are famous for gnawing things. Not only do they gnaw the wood, but they can also gnaw the cinder blocks, lead, etc. 
  • As I also discussed earlier that rats live in the form of communities. So they live with each other, play with each other, and also take care of the injured or sick rat in the group. As they take care of each other, they are also offensive towards the unfamiliar rats.
  • Rats are also famous for their amazing memory. So whenever they go through a navigation route, they will always know that route and don’t forget it.


In this article, we have discussed in detail about a mouse and a rat that how long they can survive without food and water. We have also discussed how long the baby mouse can survive without food. One thing which makes it different from the others is that they usually extract the water from the food. They do not drink water frequently and hence are different from the other animals. I hope this article will help you a lot in getting enough knowledge about mice and rats. You can take this thing as an advantage to get rid of the mouse or rat by leaving it without food and water. For this purpose, your house and especially the kitchen should be cleaned.