Why Won’t My Dog Poop Outside?

Why Won't My Dog Poop Outside?
Written by Mehwish Imtiaz

You must be irritated when you spent hours outside with your dog and here it is again… you just narrowly missed stepping on another poop in your lounge.

Potty train your puppy can be extremely challenging, especially when he is unwilling to accept any change. Normally with proper training, the puppy is comfortable pooping outside by 4 to 6 months of his age.

However, there can be certain limitations that are preventing your pup defecating outside the house. Continue reading to know the most probable reasons that are coming in the way of your continuous training and how to solve these problems.

There can be multiple reasons that are possibly coming in the way of Potty training your dog. These can be listed under three sections

  1. Wrong training process.
  2. A medical condition.

Wrong Training Process.

A wrong training process can be the biggest cause of your failure in making your dog poop outside the house. You may be

Choosing A Wrong Time:

You may be taking him outside without realizing if he needs to poop at this time. For example, taking him outside on random times Therefore, even if you spend hours and hours with him outside, he is not going to poop.

To avoid this mistake, you may shift your timings to right after he awakes after having a nap, or 15 minutes after he feeds.

Going To A Wrong Place:

Puppies are often reluctant to poo in the places that are too crowded. A puppy mom once told her story that her pup is not comfortable in evacuating just anywhere. He looks for some alone places so, with the advice of his veterinary doctor, she used quite a long slang. This method allowed her to choose the place that is comfortable for him.

This can be a case with your puppy. Roam more with him and provide him with more freedom so he can find a place good enough for him.

Making Them Dislike It:

The biggest mistake most of the owners do while training their dog is that they come home immediately after the dog is done pooping. They are then stuck indoors for the next 10-15 hours.

Puppies enjoy the care and attention their owner gives them even if you are yelling on them like “hey you little, why so stubborn?” Moreover, they love the surroundings, open places, and their race. Therefore, to enjoy this stuff, even more, they avoid pooping even when they need to.

To overcome this, you should stroll a bit more with your little one even when he is done evacuating. In this way, he may get the idea that this is not the last option to get their parents attention and enjoy more.

Not Following A Schedule:

Some of the owners take their pups for a walk randomly like when they feel like going outside they take their puppy along with them. This mistake can be the biggest drawback in making a dog habitual of evacuating in a specific time in a specific place. Dogs usually develop a good habit in a few days just focus on timings.

Take your puppy outside in specific hours of the day most probably in the morning and in the evening when he gets up from sleep.

Lacking A Reward Good Enough:

Let me tell you a key to train any animal. In either way, you want to train your animal give him a luxurious treat every time. Make sure to provide this treat only when he does the required task. In this way, he will strive enough every time to get that. It is the best way to lure any living being even human to strive and make a habit that is giving him a promising reward.

So, every time your puppy defecate outside praise him a lot, clap for him, pat him and show great excitement. Never forget to give him a delicious treat every time. Your pup will love it so much that the thing will become a habit in a few weeks.

Over Activation During Potty Time:

When you do not give your puppy enough time outside his house, he will not be comfortable with the outdoor environment. The noise and passerby will easily distract him. Moreover, he will feel shy and uncomfortable in peeing in front of so many individuals as he is not relaxed. Therefore, to overcome this takes your dog outside more. Make him more habitual to open environment.

The other thing can be that he is frightened by some external factors that are keeping him constantly in a fight or flight situation. He may be afraid of some surrounding noises, people nearby or other dogs.

Medical Condition

You may have been experiencing difficulty in training your dog or he suddenly started defecating indoors.

Digestive Problems:

Feeding your dogs with cheaper foods can result in multiple digestive problems. Moreover, poor digestion can also be caused when your puppy accidentally ingested some harmful product. This can lead to frequent watery stools or simply smaller stools frequently. Consult your vet as soon as this condition appears; discuss the food you are giving to your puppy. Also, tell him if you have shifted the brand or have started giving him something new recently. Never delay paying a visit to the vet when your dog is sick.

Some Helpful Tips To Potty Train You Puppy Effectively:

You can use pads inside the house while the training process is continued to avoid the mess.

Make The Place More Familiar For Them:

Dogs have a habit to evacuate at the same spot where they visited before. He gets the signal by the smell of the area. So, to aid your puppy you can place his poop in the targeted area. Moreover, thoroughly clean the inside of your house where he previously defecated to avoid him come back to the same place to defecate. Try to use some enzymatic cleaner to completely remove germs and odour.

Make Him Poop In The Backyard:

Entice your puppy to go in the backyard. Fix an area, place some of his poop there, and keep that place dry and sheltered to make it comfortable for him. In case of snow, take a shovel and clear the snow over his area to make it easier and comfortable for him.

Dress Up Him Properly:

Your dog is likely to resist if he is not comfortable. In winters specifically, consider to cover him properly before taking him outside. Use appropriate snowsuit or rain gear. The muscles are not able to relax when your puppy is feeling cold. So, take good care of his dressing especially if he is little or has less fur.

Make An Indoor Potty Area For Him

The indoor Potty area is super helpful if you are working on training your dog or if the weather is bad outside. It is far better than clearing poop on the floor and carpets. Moreover, it helps you avoid mess and help the puppy get the idea of pooping in a particular spot.

You can also use pads inside the house while the training process is continued to avoid the mess.

Watch For Signs

Puppies usually show some signs before defecting. Sometimes they start sniffing the floor and sometimes they just go out of the room suddenly. Occasionally, they start circling or pacing.

You need to watch out any sign he is giving and take him immediately outside.

Mobilize Bowels:

Before taking him outside, play with him with some indoor toy. The idea is of making him jump and move to mobilize bowels. Also, play in the way or let him run. All these things will aid him to defecate instantly.

Never Punish Him:

Never punish him if he can’t get along with your training. Many of the dog owners tend to do so when they are frustrated after cleaning another poop.

However, punishing will do more harm than good. It will make him confuse and he will avoid defecating anytime you are nearby even if it is outdoor.

Never stop them in the middle if you caught them pooping indoor. Do not scare him in any way not even by yelling at him. Take him out when he is done.

Trick Of show dog owners:

Show dog owners tend to make their dog evacuate before going to the show. For this, they wet a matchstick with their saliva and insert it in dogs anus. Sulphur in matchstick irritates his bowels making him evacuate instantly.

However, this is not recommended for home pet owners, as they can’t take the steps accurately. Moreover, dogs tend to bite when the process is not executed correctly.

So, do not try this at home!


Dogs are the animals of habit. They learn things quickly. However, if you are facing difficulty in potty training your puppy you should stay patient and more consistent.

Follow all or few above-mentioned tips and let us know which worked for you.  Just follow a rule: never punish, be more rewarding, stay consistent, and follow his nature… you will ultimately succeed!